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Yesterday was Game Day

February 12th, 2007 at 06:14 am

Yesterday was Rose's last two games of the season and the girls did a fantastic job. They were tied 14 to 14 with 4 minutes left in the game when the other team broke away and made a run up to 22. Then in the last minute the other team couldn't get their hands back on the ball and our team made it up to 18. If there had been one more minute our girls would have done it. They were so thrilled. This was a team that had beaten them hardily in the past so it was very encouraging.

And their second game they won! 17 to 11 and that game was neck and neck up to the last quarter, then in the last 3 minutes you couldn't stop them and it was amazing. The best game to watch all season as they fought so hard and were well matched for most of it. One of our girls made a beautiful 3 point shot. And Rose made a basket, too. She also got a majorly nasty bruise just below her knee when she took a bad tumble. But she only sat out a couple mintues and wanted back in.

It was so nice to go out on such a high note! Their banquet is next Saturday night and its going to cost about $11 and then they are going swimming at the aquatic center for 1 1/2 hours and that will cost $1.50. Then no more sports stuff until the end of March when Softball and T-ball start up. I am going to have to buy mitts and cleats, I think. But if they had been playing soccer they both would have needed new cleats anyway, they've outgrown the ones from fall.

Yesterday was a no spend day, also.

Organized, Wrote, Didn't Spend

February 12th, 2007 at 02:06 am

DH and I did some more organizing in the kitchen today. Mostly it was just moving things around to more convenient locations. This is the first real overhaul that we've done in there since moving in here in 1998. I'm happier with where stuff is now, though we are not done. We spent several hours on it, though.

I did do a little writing, wrote three more pages so I am up to 42 so far this year. That averages out to a page a day for 2007.

We didn't spend any money today and aside from a few PTR's, I didn't do anything to make money, either.

I slept, plans, and other stuff

February 10th, 2007 at 11:23 pm

I feel much better today, it is amazing what a decent amount of sleep can do for your attitude and your whole general outlook on life.

It's been a busy morning. We mailed off the boots from our second auction, picked up the kids from an overnight with their grandma, and picked up some medication.

Our total in paypal after fees was $9.86, which I transferred to the CU this morning.

I'm going to try to get the dance shoes listed this weekend so we can get moving on those. I have 8 pairs of ballet shoes and 5 pairs of taps and a bunch of mismatched shoes so I know there are some more around the house somewhere. Probably in Rose's room. I also found a pair of those Fisher Price skates that you put on over your kid's tennis shoes. Might be able to get a few dollars for those on e-bay. I'll have to check and see if those sell or not. Otherwise they'll go in the garage sale pile.

We need to get the outdoor play equipment cleaned up and listed on Craig's list. We managed to get the freezer off the porch last night and aired it out over night. DH is going to Kaboom it (multi-purpose cleaner) and then we may bleach clean it as well. Then we will list it on Craig's list for $50.

It is a 33 year old Montgomery Ward freezer. It has some cosmetic damage, but still works great. It's a bit of an energy hog, our power bill dropped $10 a month since we unplugged it. But for someone who doesn't have one, $50 will still be a good bargain for them, I think.

We also have a big old chest freezer that we bought at a garage sale 7 years ago that I think we can get $100 for. It's been outside so its dirty on the outside, but we can put that in our ad. DH might try to Kaboom it, too. If we can only get $50 for it, that would still be fine.

I'm looking around trying to figure out other things that we don't need that we can sell. I want to declutter this house and make as much off it as I can. It is giving me the feeling much like I had when I first started adding money to the EF last year. Finding more and more ways to do it so I can build savings up again. I feel so much more secure having money I can draw on in need.

Oh, I read over the pages I wrote on my night of sleep deprivation and they are good, I'm starting to think I do my best writing when I'm sleep deprived. It used to be when I was on a sugar high, but without much sugar these days I don't get that anymore. I wrote 3 more pages last night before I went to sleep so I am up to 39 pages for the year. Only 326 more to go to reach my goal.

I used DH as a sounding board last night and he can often make suggestions to get me around a block on a throughline, or send me off in a new direction with some random comment. I was having difficulty with the development of a certain character and now I've got her all figured out. She was not a character I could just leave out, she was too important to the plot, I knew who she was and where she needed to end up but not how to get her there and now I do. So yay for me and DH, too. Big breakthrough. Next week when the kids are in school I should really be able to start pounding out some pages.

Mom talked to me last night and she is going to pay for me to go to carnio-sacral therapy for six weeks. Her idea, and she says it has helped her a lot. I'm hoping it will help with some of the ongoing health issues in my life. I'm willing to try anything at this point, nothing has worked in the standard medical field. As much as I love my doctor and think he is a great man, I have mostly given up on Mainstream Medical. I have no faith in the AMA. I know there are good individual doctors out there who want to heal, but I've come to the conclusion that for the most part they want to medicate you, not heal you. Medication keeps you coming back, healing you keeps you and your dollars away.

I'm jaded here, I know, but I've been in the medical system since I was twelve years old and I ended up diagnosing myself with my original condition based on my own research and than forcing the doctor I was seeing at the time to test me for it and I was right. I have had to be forcibly proactive with my health for all of my adult life, to keep insisting that there was more going on than they believed and I have always been right to keep pushing even when called a hypochondriac to my face. So you can understand why I am jaded here.

Okay, this entry started about something and totally turned into something else about 3 times along the way. Oh, well, that's me when I get going. It's time to leave for basketball so I'll wrap it up for now.


February 10th, 2007 at 06:58 am

I had to go down to the DMV today to renew my driver's license. It was $25 for a five year license. Ouch. Last time I had to buy one it was only $16. The wait was forever and those employees had their heads in the clouds, couldn't care less that they had a mile long line of people, they were going to take their own sweet time.

Anyway, I did that while DH took the Blazer to Les Schwab and got the flat tire fixed. It was only a patch, so it was free, thank goodness.

We also spent $25.37 on lunch out and $5 tip at our favorite Mexican restaurant. And $20 for gas.

There were some more purchases made tonight but I have to get the receipts from DH. He took the kids to buy birthday presents for the boy/girl twins who have a party tomorrow. And he picked up a new belt and some deodorant. I have enough female deoderant samples that I shant need to buy it for at least a year.

It's been a long day, I did not sleep last night more than 3 hours and I have been little miss Judy Attitudy all day long, but only in my own head. I look forward to waking up tomorrow refreshed and back to my old positive nature, even if it means hitting the Excedrin PM. I certainly have the headache to go with the need to sleep.

So no midnight or after entries from me tonight. Oh, on the bright side of the no sleep thing, I did manage to write 10 pages last night, so I did get something out of it. I'm still too sleep deprived to know whether they are any good or not yet, though. I'll read them through tomorrow. But that is 36 pages for the year, now I just need to multiply that by 10 to reach my 2007 goal.

It is my birthday on Monday. I will be 37. I like my birthday as I share it with Abraham Lincoln. I don't remember much about seven but the years I turned 17 and 27 have been incredibly good years in my life so I have high hopes that my luck will follow through on this.

I don't much believe in numerology or anything, but I do have to think that the years that have a seven in my age also coincide with having a seven in that year, as 2007 does, and with seven also being a sacred number to God, well, there's got to be some real goodness in all that, right? I was also born in a year with a seven, 1970. So I kind of have a thing about it. Maybe I generate my own luck through my belief. I wouldn't put it past me.

Sleep deprived ramblings, good thing its free cause you get what you pay for. Night folks. Wink

2nd Auction Over

February 10th, 2007 at 06:39 am

Well, our second auction went to buy it now so we got payment of $10 today, plus shipping, so we will ship it out tomorrow morning. That will go to the Emergency Fund.

Scary Survey I Did NOT Take

February 9th, 2007 at 10:35 am

One of the legitimate paying survey companies offered me a survey today that would have paid $20. But when I saw what it involved, it totally freaked me out. They wanted me to register 2 credit cards and one bank account with them so they could track my spending. Are they freaking nuts? Give them my bank account number and my credit card numbers? Not bloodly likely!

In this day and age of identity theft this was highly disturbing. In fact the longer I think about it the more I'm thinking I should actually lodge a formal complaint with this survey management team, that's how dangerous I think this is of them to even think about requesting this information from people trying to bring in extra income. And there will be some people naive enough or inexperienced enough to actully give this information away.

2nd Auction

February 9th, 2007 at 09:48 am

I have someone with a strong interest in doing a buy it now on the boots I put on e-bay, sent her a message with an answer to all her questions, and I am hoping that she will go ahead and buy them. The buy it now is set at $10.

I went through one of the bags of kids dance shoes and matched up several pairs and took photos so I will be posting those soon. Most of them are Spotlights, originally $15 or so, but I have a couple of pairs of boy style Bloch tap shoes, which run around $35 new, that I might be able to get more than a few dollars for.

Savings Update

February 9th, 2007 at 12:03 am

Today was the automatic deposit of $10 to savings. I transferred that over to checking and put in a withdrawal transfer to ING. When it gets there there will be $286.53 in there.

I checked our regular account and the paypal money or $160.23 had not showed up, which it should have today, so I asked DH and he hadn't transferred it yet, so I went into his paypal account and did it myself.

When it shows up, probably Monday, I will try to get it over to the other CU so I can then send it to ING. When I do that account will then have $446.76. Slowly but surely we willg get that amount back up to $1000.

Mortgage Update

February 8th, 2007 at 08:02 am

I paid the mortgage last week and the CU's computer is now up to date. My remaining balance is $35,012.81.

I have 10 years and 2 months worth of payments left. Or 122 payments. Slightly under that actually as I have about $40 less than that.

I do like seeing that number keep going down and I really like the fact that next payment that 35 is going to drop to a 34!


February 7th, 2007 at 02:38 am

Okay, I'm a little overly chatty today, this being my 5th entry, but it was kind of a big day.

DH got a call today from his old employer from 11 years ago and they want to do two phone interviews with him tomorrow. I'm not sure if it means anything but he might at least be able to get a job offer in writing with a salary he can use to get a better rate of pay at work. It wasn't like he was expecting this phone call at all.

I don't think he really wants to work in town, he likes his current job, just doesn't feel adequately compensated right now.

It would also be starting our medical all over again and I'm not sure if I want to do that in the middle of this kidney thing. COBRA's are expensive, we had to do that when I was pregnant with Rose. Not fun.

I don't know what to make of it at all. I'd like to have him home every night, have paid vacations and paid sick leave that you can cash out if you don't use it all again, but the potential of his April promotion is so much more, they would really have to bring a very high salary to the table. But he left his old job with an excellent reputation and its possible they could give him whatever he asks for. They are kind of desperate to fill positions right now.

April is just 2 months away. I do not want him to jump the gun so close to it going off. It's very confusing.

But he'll give the interviews tomorrow and we'll go from there. No use storing up worry now for future use.

X-Ray 101

February 7th, 2007 at 02:27 am

Technically it was a CT scan, but not the kind you have to drink barium for. The kind they inject you with radioactive dye for. So I still ended up being shot up with glow in the dark juice and run through the giant Livesaver.

Probably won't know anything until next week as my doctor has picked this week to go on vacation, so even if the results are in before that, I won't get them. Oh, well.

It was an easy enough procedure, but I am very tired from it anyway. I'm not sure why. Glad to have it out of the way. I did not have to pay a co-pay, which was nice. I'll have to pay some. I've had 2 doctor's visits so far this month but my deductible is $200, so I'll be in it for at least $50 or $60. But won't have to pay it out of this pay cycle, it'll come out of the next one.

Final Total

February 6th, 2007 at 09:30 pm

Final auction total after all the bits were taken out is $154.03, its gone through paypal and is on the way to our main CU, then I'll have to physically take it out and move it to the other CU so I can send it off to ING. Hmm, or maybe I should just add that CU to ING. I don't know. I don't really want to attatch an electronic bank to the main CU account we use for almost everything.

DH has changed things around so any future e-bay payments will go to the paypal addy that conncects to the CU that connects to ING.

Shopping Trip and Furniture Ideas

February 6th, 2007 at 08:59 am

DH and I dropped the kids at MIL's house tonight (a rarity) and went to Costco and then to Fred Meyer.

At Costco we bought:

Mega Pack of Charmin
2 packages of kosher beef hotdogs
2 8 packs of ravioli

We spent $50.38.

Then we went to Fred Meyer and bought:

chicken legs
2 packages organic uncured sliced ham
1 gallon 2% milk
1 package beef steaks
1 torch lamp to replace a broken one

We spent $61.88 there.

We did a lot of looking around there. I wasn't thrilled with the lamp we picked out but it was the only one we could use a fluorescent light bulb in and was $35, on special for 25% off that price. It fit our needs best and doesn't clash with our furnishings, so that is what we bought. I like a couple of more expensive ones because they were pretty instead of utilitarian, but I did not like them 55% more than the one we bought and since that was the price difference, I'll deal. It's not like it is ugly, it just isn't pretty.

We looked at the furniture, too. We only have a three person couch right now. We used to have a rocker/recliner and an overstuffed arm chair but they were falling apart, so we put them out in the shed until we had a chance to repair them and there was a gap somewhere that prevented the shed from being airtight, so the furniture upholstry molded.

They have a very nice red leather arm chair that reclines for $400. It is smaller and fits the length of my legs perfectly. I like it a lot. Do I like it $400 worth, though? I don't think so. Maybe if it went on a really good sale. If money were no object, I would think it was the perfect chair for me.

We wandered back into garden and looked at the patio furniture and the lawn furniture and we saw a really, really nice lounger for $100. It was very comfortable and very well made and the pillow that came with it had speakers in it that you could plug a personal music player into. We are seriously considering getting it for the 4th person's seating in the living room. But I think first I am just going to try to find something on freecycle.

Either that or use my blood money to buy the $400 chair. Oh, that is what I am calling the money for plasma donation, blood money. I just like the way it sounds kind of sinister. Yes, I am a silly girl, you should know that by now. Blood money to buy a red chair, that seems appropriate, don't you think?

Auction has Ended

February 6th, 2007 at 08:40 am

Well, our first e-bay auction ended at $164.50. Not bad. I don't know how much e-bay gets yet, but all in all it was a pretty successful foray into the selling side of things.

I have already taken a picture of a nice pair of size 8 women's suede, brown boots that my daughter has outgrown and uploaded it to the computer. DH and I will do the write up and get it listed tomorrow. They were originally $35 and are still in very good shape so I am hoping for about $10.

I also have various pairs of ballet slippers, tap shoes, boys tap shoes, and jazz shoes that the kids have outgrown and some soccer cleats, too that we will be listing this week as well. I don't expect the ballet slippers to sell for much over $1, the jazz shoes for maybe $3, the tap shoes for $4-$5, and the boys tap shoes for maybe a dollar or two more. The soccer cleats may go for $3 or $4, maybe. I'm not trying to get a ton of money out of them, just more than I would at a garage sale.

Anyway, the auction profit will go into the Emergency Fund.


February 5th, 2007 at 03:24 am

My propane bill came yesterday. I was really afraid to open it up, but I finally did it and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be sky high, but it was only $320. For six months, as the last time it was filled was in August. I have been putting aside $50 a month for this expense, so I only need to come up with an additional $20. Not bad at all. I swear, I thought it would be closer to $500, we have been using it so much. I'm just really glad it wasn't.

I did good today

February 4th, 2007 at 08:14 am

At the grocery store. Rose's games, which were so ridiculous I am not even going to list scores, but every single girl on that court today had fumble fingers, both sides, both teams. It was like the ball was magnetically opposed to going through the basket. Like bouncing off the inside rim and back out again. And the dropped passes...well, it was entertaining.

Anyway, so shopping.

1 package pork chops, originally at $5.38, marked down to $4.05, stickered with an additional $1 off coupon to $3.05
2nd package pork chops, from $5.57 to $4.57 with additional $1 coupon to $3.57

5 pounds of beef shoulder steak for $10.07
2 pounds beef stew meat @ $4.66, marked down to $3.66, with $1 coupon to $2.66
2nd package beef stew meat @ $4.78,makred down to $3.78, with $1 coupon to $2.78

one 5 pound whole all natural local chicken @ $5.25, marked down to $3.25, with $1 coupon to $2.25

Pretty darn good for 16 pounds of protein. It averages out to $1.52 per pound.

More Family Dynamics: Worse Than I Thought

February 4th, 2007 at 07:16 am

I thought buying the dog was dumb when they couldn't pay the phone bill. SIL called up DH tonight and they have had their cable shut off, their internet shut off, their gas is going to be shut off this week, the garbage company came and took away their garbage can, they lost their alarm system monitoring, they are behind on their power bill and on their mortgage. So they very well may lose their house now. And they bought a dog.

Guess the big screen TV and the house full of new furniture was a big mistake last summer. What were they thinking with? Because I know it wasn't their brains.

DH said when he got off the phone that he just wanted to smack his sister upside the head and ask her if she even had a tiny smidgeon of common sense in her head or not.

I made him call her back and at least tell her about the plasma donation place and give her the phone number, between the two of them maybe they can earn $400 a month extra. Although I don't know if they will qualify as blood donors, they have both had a very, shall we say promiscuous history, including a visit from the STD fairy on more than one occassion. I'm not sure if that would disqualify them or not.

Really, a modicum of common sense could have kept them from this situaion. Now they will probably have to move back in with MIL and FIL. If they'll let them and they probably will for the sake of the girls, even though they don't want them.

Trying to find an apartment that will take a convicted felon is pretty impossible around here. The only reason they had an apartment before they got the house was because they were living there at the time of the conviction. I don't know if those property owners would allow them to move back, either. They kind of burned some bridges.

I feel somewhat sorry for them, but I'm also thinking they made their bed, they'll never learn if you don't make them lie down in it. They can't do bankruptcy again, its too soon. And they didn't learn anything from it the first time. I'm so tired of their bad financial choices.

Car Wreck Update

February 3rd, 2007 at 07:16 am

Found out some more details on the car wreck yesterday. The person who died was the passenger in the innocent driver's car. And both the one racing car and the innocent truck caught fire, not just one car.

The man who died was 62 and had just come out of retirement to help the driver take over his old business. So sad.

The at fault driver was airlifted to Harborview and is in critical condition.

I drove over that section of road today. You can see the scorch marks from the fire on the pavement. The more I find out about this accident, the more grateful I am that I chose another route yesterday.

Power Bill

February 3rd, 2007 at 06:24 am

I forgot to mention this last week when I paid the power bill, we had a big credit, despite December and all the lights. We are on budget pay and we had been doing so well that we completely absorbed the hit from the Christmas lights, which normally double our bill come January. But not this year, baby! I'm sure the timers and replacing some of the old lights with LED's helped quit a bit.

And after paying this bill we still had a credit of $23.55! That means come March when they do the refiguring, our monthly $93 payment may very well go down. Wouldn't that be something. Really goes to show just how much of an electricity hog that old dryer was before it broke.

PTR Payout

February 3rd, 2007 at 06:08 am

I did my first payout with Dayslook today. Just waiting to see if it shows up next week to paypal. If it does, that's another $5 for the month.

W-2 Finally Came

February 2nd, 2007 at 11:48 pm

DH's W-2 finally came today. 2 days late. If I recall correctly all tax information is supposed to be in your hands by January 31. His company is always a couple days late. Drives me crazy. DH comes home tonight and I am hoping we will get our taxes done tomorrow and get that refund on its way ASAP.

We are planning to use $2000 to pay on a credit card. The rest goes in the vacation fund.


February 2nd, 2007 at 11:37 pm

Today is payday. So far today I have paid:

$910.37 for Medical Mortgage
$400.00 for House Mortgage
$125.00 for Homeowner's Association half year dues

Some of this money is from last payday, too, I just didn't get around to writing out those bills earlier as they weren't needing to be done until today.

I still have to do some more bills but probably won't until Monday.

Savings Update

February 2nd, 2007 at 11:33 pm

Yesterday was the day of the automatic deposit of $10 to savings. I transferred that over to checking today and then transferred it to ING.

I earned $1.50 in my ING account for the month of January. I've earned 3 cents in interest so far this month.

After the transfer goes through on 2/5, the total in there will be $286.53. A far cry from where it should be, but we will be depositing the auction money in there when it comes through and I'm hoping to deposit $300 this month, but that depends on medical bills and how much insurance will cover.

I hate it that my savings account got so low but I would hate it even more if I would have had to use credit cards instead.

Family Dynamics: Would you?

February 2nd, 2007 at 05:52 am

Would you buy a dog if you could not pay your phone bill? Seriously. I want to know. If you had your phone service shut off for failure to pay, because you could not afford to pay it, would you go out and buy a purebred puppy, with all the potty training supplies and food, vet bills, and toys that go with it?

Consider that you are 6 years out from a bankruptcy, that you will never be able to get a different job from the one you have now because no one really wants to hire a convicted felon in that particular crime, that you are upside down in not one but two car loans, and that you still have to pay child support on one or your 2 children from previous relationships (not marriages) for another 4 years and have 2 children at home with your spouse who have to use WIC and the food bank and food stamps and be in housing similar to habitat for humanity but not them because they also did not want to deal with a convicted felon in that particular crime.

Would this be considered an incredibly stupid thing to do by a normal human being? Or is this just me overreacting because I'm not a dog person? Or very tolerant of foolishness. Or of this family member (by marriage, not blood), in general.

Oh, I'll keep my mouth shut, I suppose, for the sake of family unity but I had to let my opinion out somewhere. I think its beyond ridiculous and beyond stupid. And after all these years, why am I still surpised by bone-head decisions?

Auction Watch

February 2nd, 2007 at 05:36 am

Our auction has moved up slightly by $5, so it is at $159.50 now. Just $40.50 to get to where I'd like it to sell at the least. 4 days and less than an hour left.

Again with the Medical

February 2nd, 2007 at 05:17 am

So, my kidneys are acting up and I'm going to have to get an x-ray as regular doctor thinks there is more going on than just a simple infection. Because they are recurrent. I'm of the mind that I just have to be on antibiotics longer than 2 weeks. Give me 5 weeks and it'll kill those bacteria suckers. They're resistant, what does he expect after all these years of treating them? So an x-ray, but so far no glow in the dark juice and being run through the giant Lifesaver.

Of course, I may be in denial because I really don't want my life turned upside down again by another medical crisis. I am so done with that. I mean, the insurance is relatively decent now, but still...I do not want anymore hospital bills, anymore surgeries, anymore bits of me taken out than have been. True, what's one kidney? Just a spare part anyway, but still, I'm attatched. I've lost enough odds and ends already.

I used to joke that the only things left that they could take out without replacing were a kidney, a spleen and part of my liver. Guess I shouldn't tempt fate that way, should I now?

I mean, I didn't have a clue when they went in for other stuff that they'd find a big honking tumor growing through my appendix, or a year after that my gall bladder would be 90% dead and the remaining 10% diseased. I knew stuff was wrong with the gall bladder because I was turning yellow and couldn't do anything and was having nasty attacks and they noticed it was "a bit odd" during the first surgery but it never occurred to me that it was mostly a dead organ sitting there.

So now with the kidney, I'm either going to be in complete and utter denial or I'm going to go in the opposite direction and completely freak out and think there is a tumor pressing into the kidney and that is the problem. I'm trying to sit here and be numbly in the middle until next week when they take the x-ray.

I'm more worried about what will happen to our financial health if this is serious than I am about myself. Which I recognize as being tweaked but there you go. I'm tweaked. Well, maybe its simply a coping mechanism. My daughter is now the age I was when my mother had cancer. That brings up all sort of issues with my own kids. Or would do if I told them what was going on.

We can't take out another loan, I won't charge anything on a credit card, and I can't visit the bank of MOM because of the fact that she already took out that mortgage for us for the last go around and we'll be paying it off forever and a half. It's probably nothing serious. But...what if it is? What am I going to do?

Sell the house, maybe. Pay off all our debts and the mortgage on our own house, go move back in with mom and work on paying off that mortgage.

Then there's the whole Dad thing. Dad has cataracts, early to middle stage dementia, and MS. Mom's overwhelmed. But coping. If there is one thing my mother can do it is soldier on no matter what. I don't want to make her have to cope with me, too. Not right now.

Well, I'll muddle through, I always do. I will bend, I will not break because that is what I do.

Anyway, probably too much information. But thanks for listening. I needed that.


February 2nd, 2007 at 04:15 am

Our local gas station has switched from being a 76 to a Valero. It's very pretty now. But the good news is that for this first week with the new pumps gas is at $2.29! I am very excited because the going price right now is $2.54. DH gets home tomorrow so on Saturday we will fill up both vehicles and take all of our gas cans down there and fill them up, as well. We have 4 5 gallon cans and 2 2 gallon cans, so I need to make sure we have enough cash to do it all.

I figure it'll take an extra $55 to fill the gas cans, but then we can use them when the gas in the cars runs out. Of course, first we'll have to fix the flat on the Blazer but that is doable once we pick up a bolt cutter from FIL. We've never used the spare because it is padlocked to the underside of the vehicle and when we bought it, we weren't given that key. One of the minor problems of buying something used. But we have never had a flat before, though we did replace tires once before any went bad. Just never needed to use the spare.

Didn't Spend as Much as I Planned

February 2nd, 2007 at 12:15 am

I went to the doctor this morning and left with 2 prescriptions and an x-ray appointment for next week. I picked up the medication for $35. I was going to go to Costco today but I couldn't as I got stuck in the aftermath of a horrific car accident. The KING vultures, I mean the TV helicopter people, were circling overhead for at least an hour, so those of you in Seattle may see this on your local news.

Two kids were racing at 80 mph, and what usually happens on a busy 5 lane main highway when 16 year olds do something stupid, happened. One of them hit another car. Only worse. One of the cars ended up on fire. And they said somebody died, but not the driver from the innocent person's car. If that boy lives he is going to have a lifetime of scars to remember his actions by, not to mention a death on his heart.

I saw the wreckage. I smelled the gasoline and the acrid air. I don't know how anyone lived. Through the grace of God and the good samaritans that got everyone out before the paramedics came. I can't tell you how awful it really was to see it. Enough to make me start crying. When I see things like this I react with a mother's heart. I sent up a prayer for their families.

I'm glad I wasn't there earlier when it happened. I easily could have been. That's the way I usually drive to town when I go to the doctor, but I felt unusually strongly like going a different route today. More than that, really. Almost a refusal to go that way. Past experience has taught me to always listen to that feeling. I really don't like it when that happens and then I find out something like this later. Spooks me out for days afterwards. But better that then the alternative.

So needless to say, I didn't go to Costco today. Maybe tomorrow.

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