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Shopping Trip and Furniture Ideas

February 6th, 2007 at 08:59 am

DH and I dropped the kids at MIL's house tonight (a rarity) and went to Costco and then to Fred Meyer.

At Costco we bought:

Mega Pack of Charmin
2 packages of kosher beef hotdogs
2 8 packs of ravioli

We spent $50.38.

Then we went to Fred Meyer and bought:

chicken legs
2 packages organic uncured sliced ham
1 gallon 2% milk
1 package beef steaks
1 torch lamp to replace a broken one

We spent $61.88 there.

We did a lot of looking around there. I wasn't thrilled with the lamp we picked out but it was the only one we could use a fluorescent light bulb in and was $35, on special for 25% off that price. It fit our needs best and doesn't clash with our furnishings, so that is what we bought. I like a couple of more expensive ones because they were pretty instead of utilitarian, but I did not like them 55% more than the one we bought and since that was the price difference, I'll deal. It's not like it is ugly, it just isn't pretty.

We looked at the furniture, too. We only have a three person couch right now. We used to have a rocker/recliner and an overstuffed arm chair but they were falling apart, so we put them out in the shed until we had a chance to repair them and there was a gap somewhere that prevented the shed from being airtight, so the furniture upholstry molded.

They have a very nice red leather arm chair that reclines for $400. It is smaller and fits the length of my legs perfectly. I like it a lot. Do I like it $400 worth, though? I don't think so. Maybe if it went on a really good sale. If money were no object, I would think it was the perfect chair for me.

We wandered back into garden and looked at the patio furniture and the lawn furniture and we saw a really, really nice lounger for $100. It was very comfortable and very well made and the pillow that came with it had speakers in it that you could plug a personal music player into. We are seriously considering getting it for the 4th person's seating in the living room. But I think first I am just going to try to find something on freecycle.

Either that or use my blood money to buy the $400 chair. Oh, that is what I am calling the money for plasma donation, blood money. I just like the way it sounds kind of sinister. Yes, I am a silly girl, you should know that by now. Blood money to buy a red chair, that seems appropriate, don't you think?

1 Responses to “Shopping Trip and Furniture Ideas”

  1. baselle Says:

    Calling it blood money will encourage you to think about what you'll spend it on, that's for sure.

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