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So Many Didn't Even Bother

November 11th, 2016 at 10:24 am

70,000,000 registered voters did not vote in the election this week. A further 20,000,000 eligible voters did not register to vote. That means 90,000,000 people, give or take a few thousand due to life circumstances like a heart attack or stroke or giving birth, in America did not think who became the next president was important enough to vote for or register to vote for.

Or else they thought it was a done deal because of a media that wished it so and pollsters who over sampled in predominately liberal areas like large cities and college campuses and got such skewed data that it made them think they did not need to bother. Or they did it on purpose just so their polls would have the results they wanted them to have. If you looked at the collection data and not just the charts it was obvious what they were doing. But most of America didn't look. The propaganda machine did exactly the opposite of what it wanted to achieve.

It makes me wonder how many of those now protesting voted and how many did not. Based on my reasonable knowledge of statistics and my cynical opinion of human nature, I'd estimate at least 55% did vote but of those 5% voted for Johnson or Stein, 30% did not vote, the rest may or may not have but of those 10% are paid protesters, 3% didn't have anything better to do, and 2% are there just to try to incite violence to break out so they can riot, steal, beat people they pull out of random cars, and set things on fire, all of which have happened in most of the protesting cities, even Seattle, although at least in Seattle they are just burning garbage.

I wouldn't believe any polling data coming now that breaks down how America voted by race or sex, or any other label they want to put on us to divide us out, either. We saw how they polled only in select areas, not across America, certainly not in rural areas. We saw that people obviously lied to the pollsters as well, due to fear of getting beaten up, shame, or privacy issues. I think if there is one takeaway anyone should have from this election, it is that you can never believe the polls again, if you ever did in the first place. With my knowledge of statistics, including how to manipulate them, I never did.

17 Responses to “So Many Didn't Even Bother”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I don't think there are paid protestors out there. There may be people whose paid work is advocacy of one sort or another but that is not the same as being a paid protestor. (I accidentally first typed "paid mercenary", which is what a paid protestor might be akin to.) I think people who exercise their first amendment (some would say god-given) rights do so not for profit but to stand up for what they believe.

    Who didn't poll in rural areas? Well before November 8 we were hearing of the urban / rural divide. How would that have been known without polling? Professional pollsters sell their services to many types of outfits, not just to news media or political organizers. They have a stake in being professional, using transparent and thorough statistical methods, and doing sampling that will best fit the questions whose answers are sought. How can they stay in business if they are demonstrated to be manipulative of the results they report? Unlike, protestors, pollsters are looking for continued profit.

  2. Carol Says:

    I wonder if one of the problems in 2016 polling is the number of cell phones. I don't think there are cell phone directories yet. And while I usually answer my landline. (stupid I know), I don't answer my cell unless I know who it is. Although that doesn't answer the urban rural question, does it?

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    No I think people lied to pollsters blatently. I don't think the divide was rural/urban as people think. I think Trump got lots of support from urban but no one wanted to say they were voting for him. The exit polls don't reflect the decision my DH said. Statistically when you look at the counties Hillary didn't win the urban centers the way she should have. So did they not vote? Or just vote for donald? I think a bit of both.

  4. james.hendrickson Says:

    I thought that voter turnout was a record highs this election.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    I read that too about how many didn't vote. I wondered the same thing if those who are protesting are the ones who didn't vote. I don't understand why folks who protesting are tearing up stuff? Protesting is one thing...property damage is another.

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    Joan--They are bringing people in. Soros and moveon.org. Look it up. It's the same stuff they've been doing for a few years now. These are the ones that are inciting most of the violence. There's always been a rural/urban divide. Find your state map and see how the election went by counties. Or find the one going around Facebook that shows the whole nation by counties and you will see the rural/urban divide. There are years of this data available.

  7. LuckyRobin Says:

    Carol--A lot of polling is done by surveys now. I encountered two with swagbucks earlier in the year, one when they were narrowing down the republican candidates and one when it was coming down to Sanders and Clinton. I also had one offered through another company, but I didn't make it through the screening questions. It was obvious from those questions they were looking for ultra liberal people to answer the survey. They were very leading questions with only one "right" answer and it was obvious which answer they wanted.

  8. LuckyRobin Says:

    LAL--I definitely think people lied to the pollsters. There was, according to the vote count data, quite a few blacks and latinos who voted for Trump. Way more than they expected. Can you imagine the beatings they would have gotten if they'd admitted that in a heavily liberal area? Just with what's going on now with the protesters beating people up who they think are Trump supporters who are white, I can't imagine anyone thinking it would be a safe thing to admit if they weren't, especially in a blue state. It also seems like conservatives tend to think it isn't any pollsters business to know what they voted, either.

  9. LuckyRobin Says:

    James--It was a good turnout. It wasn't a record. It didn't even match 2008, though it came close. But that doesn't excuse all those people who could have voted, but did not.

  10. LuckyRobin Says:

    Rob--I think some of it is. I think they were so brainwashed by the media blitz, they just couldn't dream of a world where Clinton didn't win, so they didn't worry about it. It never makes sense why people destroy their own communities. It really is confounding why they are doing it in blue states. They are punishing their own state for voting the way they wanted them to vote, screaming out how everyone else is hating them while they shout down everyone around them and burn, beat, and vandalize with even more hate then they assume they are being shown. They have no tolerance. It's what conservative America got tired of during the past two years. It's clear they pushed it too far for a lot of people and the result was President Trump. These protests aren't going to change the minds of conservative America. It will further justify their votes. It will further convince them that they were right and that the left doesn't deserve to be heard for a long time. And with everything gone Republican, they're not going to be. Even moderates like me are rapidly losing patience because of their violence and wanton destruction of property.

    Although I guess in a way it does make sense that they do it in blue cities. Most blue cities have disarmed their citizens. Red cities are armed. They'd defend their property. They'd defend their persons. They'd break up the riots pretty quick, I think. Or at least make sure they actually were the peaceful assembly guaranteed by the Constitution and not this thing run amok, trying to violate the very heart of our founding document by trying to overturn an election because they don't like the outcome.

  11. ceejay74 Says:

    I think states that voted Clinton are protesting to show the world they're upset the popular vote winner isn't president. They're not trying to destroy their communities. I know many of the Minneapolis protesters though I didn't take part. Not paid, not planted; believe me.

  12. ceejay74 Says:

    I also know many protest organizers and other community leaders. They try very hard to keep things peaceful and most of the time are successful. But with very large protests it's hard because a very few opportunistic or overly angry individuals can quickly turn the tide by destroying something or provoking a police response. I've been in many marches and protests on other issues in blue cities, so I hope you'll at least take my observations into consideration.

  13. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    There is no city in the USA whose citizens have been disarmed.

    But do you think that the citizens in areas of large protests must not have guns, otherwise they would be stopping others from breaking windows, toppling garbage cans, and spray-painting walls? You think citizens would shoot at one another over this, that they are so trigger happy? I actually think people are pretty reserved with their guns, considering how many guns are out there.

    And yes, of course, I've seen the maps of voting patterns state to state, county to county. I'm actually waiting to see it broken down ward to ward in my own city. Yes, we have known about the rural urban divide for a long time, and I don't think pollsters ignored polling in rural areas.

  14. LuckyRobin Says:

    Joan--6 blue cities have outright banned guns, so yes, there are citizens who have been disarmed. At least two of those cities are having riots this week. Many others have restricted them so much. Heck, Seattle just made WA state go for more gun control this election cycle in a way that violates due process and will end up being challenged and likely be struck down as unconstitutional both with our state and federal Constitutions. CA is fiercely gun control and just passed a proposition that will make you have to get a background check when you buy ammunition and you get to pay for it. Even though you've had one already to buy the gun in the first place. It will get prohibitively expensive, ultimately making it impossible for anyone but the rich to buy ammunition, making their weapons useless, which is the goal.

    I'm not saying that people are trigger happy. I'm saying if they were armed, they'd defend their property. Not necessarily by shooting, but by showing. And they'd defend themselves from being pulled out of cars and beaten, yes. They'd defend their children from being beaten up because people found out their parents voted for Trump. Maybe the owner of the car dealership in Portland that had $200,000 worth of damage done by a guy who was just breaking windows (and head lights, and tail lights, and bashing in hoods and trunks) might have been stopped in his tracks. Maybe they wouldn't be throwing lit road flares at the cops at the police. More people would have thought twice.

    I have no issue with peaceable assembly, but it's not. The riots are bad. And the busing? Here's a link, watch the CNN video on it, the article itself is a little more slanted, but the police spokesman talking in the video is talking from knowledge of those arrested having out of state ID's being bused in.


    Police suspect that some instigators arrived from other cities and tried to cause a riot:


    I've seen a lot more sources saying this one is real, especially bloggers and vloggers from Chicago with firsthand accounts, and a few saying it is not, and considering that snopes has gotten busted a few times for being wrong and their liberal bias, I don't trust them anymore. But here, make up your own mind:


    There's a lot more on more conservative sources. Infowars is all over it. Wikileaks dropped something recently, I believe it was 1-36, debunking USA Today's recent article.

    So far Seattle has been pretty tame in comparison to other states, but there has been looting and some violence. The mass shooting was unrelated to the Trump protest, was drug related they are saying, just happened at the same time, different location, but the keep linking it. But they are involving school children in today's protest and that worries me if it grows violent.

  15. LuckyRobin Says:

    Ceejay, I realize there are good people involved in this, too. My best friend since I was 4 is one of them. My thought in the original post if you add up the numbers is that I think only 15% of the total is causing the problem. I think the other 85% think they have good intentions. Unfortunately mob rule takes over too often in these situations and stuff gets out of hand. Consistently. And then they go with it. It's useless now anyway. Michigan went to Trump. With 306 electoral votes there is no way. 38 staunchly conservative and well vetted Republican delegates would have to become faithless electors and even then Congress, controlled by the Republican party, can still veto that. And they aren't going to change the Constitution to change how a president is elected now either. Not with a Republican Congress and 3/5 of the states voting Republican. The percentages are just not there to ratify such a thing.

    The productive thing to do is to find a good candidate. They need to start looking right now because there is seriously no one. Well, I'd not object to Patty Murray, but I don't know if she's got ambitions towards the presidency. But as a U.S. Senator since 1992 she's got a lot of experience and she's a genuinely good woman. She doesn't run nasty campaigns. She's sunny. She's optimistic. She's honest. And she's real.

  16. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    By banning guns, do you mean that gun ownership is illegal? Which six cities are you speaking of? And which two are you saying are having riots?

    Your first link has a date of Sept.23 2106, so it is not even a post-election protest.

    Your second link gives no evidence about paid protestors, but only the very line you quoted, "Police suspect that some instigators arrived from other cities and tried to cause a riot." Police suspect, not police are investigating, nor police have determined, not protesters inform us, not courts have found. This is not a fact; it is a suspicion.

    Your third link states, "we have visual confirmation of how a substantial portion of these professional, paid protesters arrive at the site of the protest, in this case Chicago." and then offers a video of a bunch of buses parked on both sides of a city street, as though that is evidence of paid protestors from outside Chicago. What? Chicago had no conventions, sports events, group tours, professional training events, museum crawls, etc on November 12? Empty buses at the curb prove there were paid professional protesters?

    I will say that there are some people in these protests who work for non-profit advocacy groups such as for climate stabilization, LGBTQ, immigrant legal aid, rights of women, against new petrochemical piping projects over the continent, etc, but that does not make them paid protesters. Even if they do get some pay in their directorship (or whatever position) of their groups, it is extremely unlikely that they got an text from G. Soros, saying, "there's $500 in it for you if you go to [nearest big city] and join a protest..+ $50 for every group supporter you can bring along. Buses provided." Sorry, the idea is ridiculous.

    I speak as someone who once did ride a charter bus to Chicago to join a march. Nobody paid my way. Nobody paid my portion of the bus expense....I did also join out of towners (They may have come by bus.) in a march in Memphis, but at that time, I was a resident there. No one paid us. I have participated in other protesst, but these are the only two I can think of with a bus element.

    Mob rule does not consistently take over large protests. That is an exaggeration.

  17. LuckyRobin Says:

    Joan--The empty buses in Chicago were confirmed by vlogs and blogs of people living in Chicago who said this was not normal and saw what they said were protesters getting off, but not news sources. I was attempting to find actual video of it. In Portland mob rule was not an exaggeration. I found more current links on more conservative websites, but I didn't figure you'd want to read stuff from fox news and those types of sources and right wing bloggers and vloggers. By the time I was done researching last night I was so tired I wasn't checking dates as closely as I should have been and sometimes they make it very difficult to find them. Look, I'mm pretty upset with what is going on in Portland. Maybe it's not as bad elsewhere, but it sure looks it on TV. The police are hinting very strongly a lot of it is out of state, but I haven't found video or recordings of that, just heard it on live streams when I was watching it at the time. Busing in protesters happens. Having paid agitators happens. They've proven in it in several instances so far this campaign season even with mainstream media sources and who was funding it, but there was a lot of subterfuge first and it's the same sort I'm seeing now.

    Chicago and 4 of it's suburban cities have banned guns outright. So has Washington, D.C. You are not allowed to have one within those city limits. So you could have one in a storage locker outside the city limits or that you kept in a home in another area of the state, but that keeps you disarmed within your city and within your home where you spend the majority of your time and are most likely, especially in a city with a crime rate like Chicago, to need to be able to defend yourself. The criminals pay no attention to the gun ban. That's why so many citizens are killed there on a daily basis.

    At least so far the public school kid walk out protest in Seattle does not seem to be getting out of control at all, which was a big fear. The police are heavily present and the children are behaving much better than the adults on previous nights, although a few of them seem to be out more to get a day off from school than to really be protesting, but then there always is with high-schoolers. The livestreams seem to indicate they aren't going to let anyone mess with the children. Don't know if it will go on much longer since the school day is over. Probably depends on what they are legitimately there for, to protest or to get out of classes. Some will stay, I'm sure.

    Look, I'm not a Trump supporter. I'm a law and order supporter. I'm tired of riots. I'm tired of agitators. I'm tired of the mentality I'm seeing that if people don't get their way they're going to try to overthrow the Constitution. If it was peaceful assembly, if it was truly First Amendment behavior it would be fine. It isn't, though. We need to get down to business. Instead of rioting, we need to be watch dogging. We need to be watching every piece of policy that comes out of DC and make sure that if legislature is coming before our elected representatives we make sure we call or write in our support or our non-support of each and every issue. They will listen to their constituents if enough of them speak out using the right channels. But they won't listen to what is going on right now.

    And as I said in the original post, it's the cynical part of me that thinks these things. There's a part of me that wants that not to be true, even hopes for it. But I watch as piece by piece more evidence comes out, first on the right, then slowly, slowly confirmed by the mainstream media each time, even when it seems to kill them, even when they still put a left leaning slant on it. I do think by the time this is over there will be much more to support my opinion. Just not quite there yet.

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