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Emergency Fund--Getting There Soon

January 7th, 2022 at 11:13 pm

Today I was able to make a decent deposit to the Emergency Fund, since there was some overtime on DH's paycheck.  Plus we are at the new rate.  We also recieved his Louisianna Pacific dividend check of 58 cents, so that went in there, too.  You laugh, but at the end of the first quarter that check was only 42 cents.  I also had $17.50 in the coin jar.  So with what came from payday which was 349.29, I had $363.37 to put into the EF this week.

$19,316.62 Starting Balance

+__,363.37 Amount Added


$19,679.99 New Balance

This means I have $842.71 left to go to reach my goal of six month's of expenses, or $20,522.70.  If all goes according to budget and nothing big comes up, we should reach that goal by the February 4th paycheck.  If the furnace breaks ago, then obviously not.

This increases Net Worth to $128,569.09.

They haven't made the payment to the 401K yet, so I don't know what that is going to be.  I can't even estimate it because this is the first paycheck with the new amount, plus it had some extra hours on it.  It might be there by closing hours today, but probably won't be there until Monday.  Plus I don't know if I got the increase to 16% in on time or not, so could still be 15% for this paycheck.

True Date: 1/7/22

True Time: 3:13 p.m.

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