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Negative Covid Test

September 23rd, 2021 at 08:55 pm

It's been a rough month, but I no longer have Covid, my test results came back on Tuesday, so as soon as I get some of my stamina back I can go back out in public again.  I have also been on antibiotics and prednisone for 8 days today and have another 6 to go on just the antibiotics.  Because I can never get sick like that without developing a sinus infection.  It's doing a lot better, too, though I dread tomorrow when I won't have anymore prednisone.

The Delta variant is no joke.  The difference between how I went through it and how my BIL went through it was night and day.  He was unvaccinated and it took him 5 months to be cleared and he will have life long issues.  I was vaccinated and it took me a while to kick it, maybe 3 to 4 weeks due to my autoimmune issues, instead of 2.  Now, I won't tell anyone what they should or should not put into their bodies, but I do think it is important to share my experience.

I also had original Covid.  Do they call that Alpha?  I don't know.  That one was way harder than Delta with the vaccine, but apparently Delta without the vaccine is way harder than Alpha, according to what I have read.  I also have read several papers on this type of vaccine.  It did take me a long time to make up my mind and for my family, too, but we made an educated decision, not a rush to judgment one after seeking advice from two of my doctors.

So anyway, I have both natural and vaccine antibodies and I still got it.  It was not nice, it was not fun, and my chest and bronchial tubes still feel kind of bruised from all the coughing.  But I am out the other side.  And I am planning to get my overall health into better shape.

I was finally able to go to the chiropractor and he got my illial sacral joint back into place.  It had been causing so much agony, I couldn't stand for more than 20 seconds without it starting to cause debilitating pain.  Now I can.  I get another adjustment today and hopefully that will be the end of that. 

I did buy an elevated wedge pillow to sleep on and it has helped with the sinus issues and all the stuffiness I was having when waking up, but also it helped a lot with the phlegm, which was quite surprising.  It definitely helped with the GERD.  I am sleeping through the night and waking up with less back and hip pain and no heartburn.  In fact this morning when I woke up, there wasn't any pain for a moment and then I sat up and all bets were off, but still, that moment of no pain plus well rested was pretty awesome.

My nephew is finally going to be moving out.  He was only supposed to stay here a year and he hit that in March.  He was supposed to help around the house and he didn't.  He was supposed to get his learner's permit and take the driving class and he didn't.  He was supposed to get a job and he didn't.  And the deal breaker for my mother is his refusal to get vaccinated when there are 3 high risk individuals and 1 who works a high risk job with the public in the household.

So she gave him 30 days, because he was unwilling to do any of the things it was conditional of him livng here in the first place.  He just spent, as a 30-year-old man, over a year living in an attic, pretty much ignoring anyone else who lives in the house 95% of the time, running down to his girlfriend's family who were unvaccinated and worked with the public and not quarantining when he came back after he came home when we were locked down.  He shouldn't have gone anywhere at that point and I do think it was why we got Covid the first time.  We got sick the same month he moved in, when he was running back and forth all the time.

He was also inviting other unvaccinated people to visit from his birth family, but too many at once, not one at a time to minimize risk.  I think he has about $9000 left before he runs out of money and will have to get a job.  He was only paying Mom $100 a month.

He will be moving in with my eldest sister, who is not his mother.  She has a two bedroom apartment, and because she will not get vaccinated either, will be losing her job at a nursing home soon.  However she just turned 62, so she will get social security by the time that happens.  With my nephew paying half the bills for the apartment, she will be able to get by a lot better now.  So it works out for both of them.  If that hadn't been an option, we would have taken him to his parents.  Heaven knows my sister could use the help with her husband's recovery.

 Anyway, that's why I have been so quiet, but will hopefully feel good enough now to start posting again regularly.

3 Responses to “Negative Covid Test”

  1. Dido Says:

    Glad to hear that your health is improving and that the uncooperative nephew is moving on!

  2. mumof2 Says:

    Glad he is moving out but I hope he sticks with the deal that he has with his aunt or she could be in financial trouble...he needs to grow up

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry you had Covid again, but glad you are feeling better!

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