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Retirement Update

June 26th, 2021 at 06:07 am

Retirement has gone up to $58,000.69, a difference of $1136.27 since last payday.  All of that was contributions from DH or work, except $52.27  It was a rough two weeks, but the IRA finished ahead of where it was last payday by $15.31.  I hear the next six weeks are going to be very bumpy for the stock market.  I hope it is just a rumor.

I am really missing the stock market from the 3 years pre-Covid.  I have a feeling the only reason we will be moving forward at all this year is going to be mostly due to contributions, not gains.  Oh, well, we hold as always.  No panic selling.  Keep treading and we'll keep our heads above water.  This won't last forever and the recovery period will gain ground eventually.

Tomorrow I get to ditch the darn mask.  It's due to be 100 degrees F and I need to go grocery shopping, so thank goodness.  I finally feel like myself again.  The Moderna vaccine was really hard on my fatigue levels, both times.  I was exhaused for 12 days each time.  I had horrible bone aches after the second shot for 36 hours.  But those were my only symptoms.  I have waited out my time, so now, in my state, the fully vaxed only need them in medical facilities that require them.  It'll be weird to show my face again, but it has been lovely seeing other people's faces the last couple of weeks.

3 Responses to “Retirement Update”

  1. terri77 Says:

    The stock market in the years prior to Covid were okay: up in 2017, down in 2018, up in 2019. I’ve definitely endured bigger swings & gains in prior years. I’m not sure why people seem so antsy this year. Or maybe it just seems that way.

    I’m so happy to be out of these masks this summer! I still have to wear one in the hospital, but I pull them down when I’m in my office. Most workers are vaccinated, anyway, but I assume we’ll continue to wear them in health care settings.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Terri--I think the reason I feel antsy is because I feel like at anytime they can just decide to shut things down again, or that inflation will run away with us, or that the riots in Seattle will try to come our way once the university and the community college open again in the fall, or even when we go to Seattle (VM is very close to where the riots keep breaking out and it has been scary). As we get closer to retirement age the stock market gets under my skin a lot more.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    So much uncertainty in our world today.

    Glad you can ditch the mask in those temps. I know when it is really hot and humid here in the Midwest, wearing the mask would cause my face to break out.

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