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Emergency Fund and Beef Fund Updates

April 17th, 2021 at 01:58 am

I rolled my coins and was able to deposit $10.50 into the Emegency Fund.  It's not a lot and it is most likely all we are going to be putting in this month, what with all the outlay for building the new garden.  I should be able to start making more regular deposits into the EF starting in May.

$15,363.73 Previous Balance

+__,_10.50 Rolled Coin


$15,374.23 New Balance

As for the Beef Fund, there was $63 left in the grocery envelope when I re-funded it today, so that was transferred to the Beef Fund envelope.

$1161.00 Previous Balance

+__63.00 Amount Added


$1224.00 New Balance

I do have an extra $1000 set aside just in case I don't meet my Beef Fund goal in time to buy a full steer by the end of the summer, but I really want to try to meet it by doing what I am doing so that maybe that can be allocated elsewhere.


1 Responses to “Emergency Fund and Beef Fund Updates”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    As you know, it all adds up and even if you can't put much more in the emergency fund, you have at least put something. Good job on not spending all the grocery money so you could put it in the beef fund.

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