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March 5th, 2019 at 07:52 am

I don't like being housebound. With DH having to drive the van, I have no way of going and doing anything and it is a little frustrating. I need to get my glasses adjusted because I fell asleep with them on again and rolled over on my face, I need to go cash some checks at the bank, and I need to make some doctor appointments, but I can't do any of that until the truck is fixed. It is going in on Wednesday, but I don't know if it will be a one day repair or take a couple. I hope it is only one day, because I want my mobility back.

We've only been a two car family for less than a year and a half after many years of only having one and already I have forgotten what that was like. I feel like I'm being a baby about it, having a case of I want, I want, I want. It really does curtail your freedom, though. If I weren't disabled, I could walk to a lot of places, but even walking the two blocks to the bus stop is difficult right now. Actually the walking isn't the problem so much as the standing and waiting. Moving isn't nearly as bad.

Back before my injuries and my rheumatoid arthritis, I could have walked the two miles to the doctor's office, even when sick. Now even walking the six blocks to the store is out of reach. Maybe it is just that not having the van right now is piling on top of my not being able to do much with my body.

I am going to have to cut down on my gardening this year. Even with two foot tall raised beds and the ability to pull up a chair to garden, it was hard in 2018 and I think it will be harder this year. Maybe I'll just grow peppers, tomatoes, salad fixings, and onions. Those give me the biggest bang for the buck without a ton of effort throughout the season and the least worry about pests. And of course the herbs, which come back every year. I am just going to have to realize that my limitations are getting stronger as I age and adjust my life accordingly.

I am considering getting a mobility scooter or an electric trike bike. Then I could at least go to the store. I would only need the electric motor on the trike bike on the way home as it is downhill all the way to the store. But perhaps the mobility scooter is the way to go. It would be nice to be able to go out in the neighborhood again when the weather gets better. They are pricey though. Even the used ones. We'll have to see.

2 Responses to “Housebound”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I'm sorry you feel frustrated and homebound. i think every time one offs has to leave our vehicle for service, the one stuck at home feels that way.

    I think your gardening plan is probably wise. Better to grow exactly what you can handle and enjoy instead of feeling stressed over a huge garden.

  2. Sue Says:

    I TOTALLY understand what you are going through - some drunk totaled DH'S car parked in front of our house, sideswiped DD's, and then ran smack into/over our neighbors lawn. What we got paid out for DH's car wasn't nearly enough to buy a new to us car and I JUST paid my car off so am NOT doing another car payment........I also have arthritis (no rheumatoid but waiting for a knee replacement) so can't walk far either. Even if you have no where to go, the fact that you CAN'T go is so frustrating!!!!

    I'm also cutting back on the gardening because my fingers are so bad but, like you, will do some - tomatoes, herbs, beans, & peas for sure.

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