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Long Day Planned

January 6th, 2018 at 08:45 am

As soon as DH wakes up and we eat breakfast we will be heading out to the storage unit we are getting rid of. I think we will have it cleaned out by the end of this weekend, but if not we have until the end of the month. We are taking enough time to label each box with a number and then make a key in a notebook, so in the future if we are looking for the contents of a certain box, we just need to find that number.

It is also giving us a chance to look through each box and note what we need to do with it. If it is just continue to store or to go through and sort. We've already donated 10 full size garbage bags of clothes, mostly children's clothes, but some of it was stuff from high school and college. We have clothing donation boxes all over town so those are easy enough to get rid of.

So far I have one bag of linens to donate. That's more complicated because it will actually require dropping off at Goodwill in person, so we will wait until I have gone through all the boxes of linens. I know there are a few blankets that can go and there are some table cloths. All I want to keep on my table cloths are the sunflower one, the autumn one, and the Christmas plaid one. The others can go.

I have sorted through four big boxes of stuff so far that we brought home after last weekend. I got rid of two paper bags of old magazines I had stored with one recipe each. I tore out the recipes and put them in my recipe binder in page protectors and tossed the rest of mags to be recycled. I also put all of our photo albums and photo boxes on a book shelf here. That gave us three totes emptied to go back to storage and use to repack some of the damaged cardboard boxes with. The other box was a damaged cardboard box so it went to recycle.

Today I hope to get the furniture moved. There is not much in there, two large book cases, a couple cubicles, one of which will come home, an end table, two floor lamps, and a small TV stand. There might be a stand for holding DVDs as well.

There are 3 knickknack shelves that I want to bring home and put up. They would be perfect for holding my pint and quart size herbs and teas that I grew and dried this summer. They are all kind of spread out through the pantry and kitchen and it would be nice to have them all in one place.

Everything else is just boxes. I know some of it we will have to bring home to sort. We'll have to store them in the garage while we bring one in the house at a time. Mom will probably throw a huge hissy fit about that, she's prone to them these days, but they won't be there long. Just long enough to decide what stays and what gets tossed and what gets donated.

I am thinking about getting rid of our couch. It is a huge sectional and it takes up so much space. It rarely gets used. There are several recliner chairs that we could use instead and there would be a lot more space. I loved the couch at the time we bought it and it was perfect for our needs then, but most of us like to sit with our feet up now, so it doesn't make sense to keep the behemoth any longer. It is in really good shape except for one cushion cover with a broken zipper, but that can be pinned with safety pins to keep it closed. Plus, free is a price that most people will overlook flaws for.

The blisters have come off my garlic burns. I've got four fingers with peeling skin. On the bright side, it looks like I will have full finger prints on three of them and one with a scar running through it that won't be quite as large as I feared on the index finger. They are still sensitive in water, which makes scrubbing dishes hard. Wearing rubber gloves wears on them too much because they are fitted. I can type, though. Go figure.

All right, well, I think I hear DH stirring, so time to get the day moving.

6 Responses to “Long Day Planned”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good plans for reorganizing and decluttering your things in storage and at home. Heck for $25 or $50 you might be able to get someone to overlook a broken zipper on a sectional sofa.

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    That is an amazing amount of work and it's extraordinary that you are really giving the storage a good clean. How long have you been storing stuff? Do you think you'll need everything or are you trying to have a goal of say cleaning out 25%?

    I hope to finish our storage this month or next depending on how things go. But I suspect we'll be dumping more stuff because we don't need it. But buying other stuff that works better in the newer space.

  3. snafu Says:

    I suggest called local upholsterers and or shoe repair outlets that have industrial type sewing machines, to inquire the cost of sewing the damaged zipper zone [replacing it zipper is wrecked]. A quality, large sofa is likely still worth about 1/2 replacement cost. if used furniture sells well in your area.

    I'm concerned that every time you wash dishes, you set back the healing process for your hands. Perhaps your teens could take over the chore while you are painfully recovering. Alternatively, consider using cheapo paper/foam plates until you recover. With so many cumulative medical problems, hope you'll I try to give yourself some slack.

  4. Bluebird Says:

    About 25 years ago I stored some furniture and misc items in a small storage unit. A year later or so I gave away most of the furniture and kept a few pieces, which I gave away years later. I'm very careful about what I keep now. If it's an antique or a family heirloom, I'll keep it.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Glad your fingers are healing, but wonder if washing dishes is doing more harm. Hope your fingers heal quickly.

    Good job on going through stuff!

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    Unfortunately, my daughter can't do anything right now. She's in debilitating pain with the gall stones. My son is already doing most of her chores so I really don't want to make him do the dishes, too. My husband is doing some of the dishes in the evening, but I feel guilty about that, since I should be the one doing them when he is working 10 hour days and I am home and part of being a stay at home mother is running the household.

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