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Meal Planning

March 9th, 2017 at 10:08 am

Again, I forgot to post my meal plan this week. Well, I'm going to go ahead and post it now because I keep losing the notebook I wrote it down in on Sunday. I am notorious for misplacing the thing, which is why I usually copy it into my blog, so I have an easy place to go and look for it. HC stands for home canned.

We tried a new recipe this week, the Filipino Chicken Adobo. Everyone really liked it, but I think I will add onions next time I make it to sweeten it a little. The rice vinegar gives it a very sharp quality that I find a bit too...astringent to both my nose and tongue when I eat the juices on the rice.

Beef Brisket
Baked Potatoes
Green Beans
HC Pears

Filipino Chicken Adobo
Canned Pineapple

Rabbit Stew (carrots, potatos, parsnips) HC
Green Beans Home Canned

Soft beef tacos (HC tomatoes, onions)
Homemade tortillas

Picnic Ham
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans

Braided Sloppy Hoppy Loaf (Has veg in it)
Cole slaw

Sausage Penne Pasta Dish
Cole slaw
HC Pears

2 Responses to “Meal Planning”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I don't know if you use Google Drive, but I find it handy to have my menu in a spreadsheet on there. Any of us can check from anywhere to find out what's for dinner. Then I can also put a grocery list on there and add to it as I come up with meals for the next week.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I don't use online file storage. I don't trust it. Things get hacked too easily. But I ought to just type it up into a Word doc.

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