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Meal Planning--Dinners--Week 3

January 18th, 2017 at 08:36 pm

I forgot to post my meal plan for this week. We ate leftovers for Monday and Tuesday and will be again tonight. I will have to pick up a couple of items this week like milk, green onions, and oranges and I will swing by the reduced meat bin. Sometimes they have organic chicken thighs, legs, or wings marked down really low for quick sale and it's cheaper than regular. I freeze it immediately so it doesn't matter if the use by date is that day or the next day. I am almost out of chicken in the freezer from when we butchered last. Most of what is left is either cut up for stir-fries or backs and necks which are for making soup.

Anyway, here is the plan for the rest of the week.

Leftover casserole (shredded rabbit meat, sour cream, Pacific condensed cream of chicken soup, Mexi-blend cheese, and tater tots)
Pears (home-canned)

Whole Roasted Garlic Butter Chicken
Fried Potatoes
Pears (home-canned)

Chicken and Mozzarella Ravioli with pesto

Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Garlic Bread
Green Beans
Nectarines (home-canned)

Apricot Honey Pork Ribs
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Canned Pineapple

Sub Night if too tired to really cook:
Pancakes and Ham

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