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Finally Unemployment Arrived and a Job Hunt Update

September 21st, 2016 at 04:48 pm

DH finally got paid by unemployment, he's been unemployed for a month now. They pay 2 weeks worth at a time, so he got $788, or $394 a week. 4 weeks of this should cover our monthly insurance premium with enough left over to cover our prescriptions. That will make our Emergency Fund stretch a lot further. I do wish he was getting WA state unemployment instead of AK state unemployment as that is $600 something a month. Oh, well, this still helps so much.

So far for September I have used $3000 from our Emergency Fund, bringing it down to $17,000. I will end up using at least another $1400 this month. Right around $520 will go to pay for our 6 month car insurance premium due on the 28th (though we are looking at other insurance, we are not really seeing much savings). $90 will go to physical therapy. $392.12 will go for the autopays that come due the first week of October. $400 goes to Mom to pay the utilities for October. And the rest will be for groceries. So maybe some of that will count towards October money, but it still has to be in the account by the end of September.

DH submitted his resume to the local refinery owned by the English on Friday and got an email yesterday saying it has been reviewed and passed on to the next stage of consideration. They are going to be hiring in the next 3 to 4 months for numerous jobs DH will qualify for. Hopefully he will get something there. It would be even better than a job in the next county over.

We have not heard anything from the mollusk refinery in the next county that will presumably be hiring in the next 3 months yet, other than that they will be using the placement company DH is signed up wtih, but there aren't any official rumblings so that's to be expected.

DH still has not heard back from the school he signed up with to pursue his BS in Electrical Engineering, though the money has been charged to the card. How long does it take to review transcripts anyway? It shouldn't take a month. I'll need to prod him to follow up with them again.

Not much is going on here otherwise. Some canning of tomatoes and some freezing of peppers. We lost Firefly, but she was getting old. One of the chickens is recovering from an injury. One of the other chickens swatted her off the roost and she fell 4 feet onto her wing and leg. She couldn't walk for a couple of days, but is standing now. We have her in a cage so the others won't pick on her. Chickens can be really mean to their wounded. We keep her in the garage at night, but leave her outside where the other chickens can socialize with her during the day. If they forget about her, reintroduction later will be brutal, so they need to see each other every day.

That's about it, I guess.

5 Responses to “Finally Unemployment Arrived and a Job Hunt Update”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    Lucky Robin, I'm glad the unemployment checks are coming and I sincerely hope and pray your hubby gets a job soon. On another note, we are thinking of getting two egg laying hens now that our acreage has increased (town ordinances). Do hens survive winters in a chicken coop? It's pretty frigid here in the winter. I heard that you can as long as you have heating lamps in the coop. Can you enlighten me on this subject?

  2. rob62521 Says:

    So happy to learn about the unemployment coming through. Hope your hubby gets a job. How many jars of tomatoes do you have canned?

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Yes, they will survive with a heat lamp in cold areas, but you must be very careful in securing the heat lamp and having it in such a way that the chickens cannot roost on it (which they will try if they can). If a heat lamp is too close to a surface it can burn a hole through it, so there should be 4 feet clearance at least.

    If you are below zero during your winters you will want to get the especially cold hardy chickens. This place shows some:

    but I would try to find them from a local farmer who raises in your specific conditions.

    I would suggest three, though, if it is allowed in your town. They have a better chance of keeping each other warm since they snuggle, than just two would. Five would be ideal, but I know some towns won't allow that many. Odd numbers seem to do better than even with flock dynamics.

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    Rob--I've got 30 jars of diced on the shelf and will be canning more tomorrow. Probably about 15 pounds. I'm not making sauce this year as I had plenty left from last year and did not plant that many tomatoes this year.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope your DH hears some good news soon!

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