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Multiple January Money Fund Updates

August 3rd, 2015 at 02:41 pm

$3053.63 Starting Total
+__31.33 C1-360 Interest
$3084.96 Subtotal
+__57.75 Farm sales
$3142.71 Subtotal
+__16.25 Coin Jar
$3158.96 Subtotal
+__21.10 ACOP Survey Check
$3180.06 Subtotal
+__57.48 Farmer's Co-op Stock Disbursement Check
$3237.54 New Balance

$762.46 left to hit my goal of $4000.

The farmer's co-op merged with another company and the paperwork that came with the check is hard to figure out what they did exactly. I don't know if this was a difference in the old stock price verses the new stock price or if we no longer have any stake in the co-op at all. Very unclear. We only had one share, but that share got us discounted prices on feed and farm supplies. DH is going to call and find out. The dividends were generally only around $30 a year when we weren't buying propane, but it was always a nice little thing when it showed up.

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