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DH Tempted Me

November 22nd, 2013 at 02:07 am

DH and I made an agreement when we did this last big Disney trip and paid for his sister and nieces to go, that we wouldn't take another big vacation until 2018 when both kids will have graduated from high school and we are free to go, just the two of us. The plan for 2018 is to go to Hawaii. Meanwhile, we work on all of our other goals.

Well, DH has a friend from work who lives in Hawaii who has invited us to come in May. He has a house on the beach and says all we'd need to bring was about $1000 for incidentals and he would take care of everything else. Wow, nice friend. And we'd be able to fly there free with DH's miles.

But I still can't see doing it right now. We'd have to leave the kids with my mother, who isn't in the best of health right now and we've got all the rabbits and chickens to take care of. Not to mention that May is the time here to start gardening in earnest. Plus DS is being homeschooled.

Yes, it is a tremendous opportunity, but it doesn't fit into any of our plans. DH kind of figured as much, but he still couldn't resist telling me about it. It was nice to dream of getting away for a minute or two, but I've got bigger dreams right now and that is what I want to be focused on, with no more distractions.

Hawaii can wait. It isn't going anywhere. And maybe his friend will still be there then.

3 Responses to “DH Tempted Me”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Wow! Great will power!
    Why not take the kids??

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    That is tempting!! I don't know if I could resist. Leaving those animals would probably be the hardest part.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    LF--Because I've travelled with my kids. They don't do well on a 3 hour plane flight, let alone a long one like to Hawaii. They gripe and complain when we do any sort of hiking. And DH and I want to go there as a second honeymoon. A vacation with our kids is not a relaxing experience. Plus the kids weren't invited. Wink Also, I kind of feel like if we go there and stay at his friend's house, then we won't be able to have our own schedule, we'll be at the whims of what his friend wants to do.

    CCF--Yeah, leaving the animals would be hard. We figured we'd get a farm sitter in 2018, because we'll have other animals then, too.

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