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Processing Day

June 17th, 2013 at 12:47 am

We processed five rabbits today, so we now have a little over 18 pounds of meat and 1 pound of livers. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I will still miss them. They had good lives though and deaths as humane as we can make them. They should provide at least 54 meals for us or 13.5 servings per person. Considering what we spent on feed and hay to raise them to 17.5 weeks old, we are paying about $1.25 a pound for the healthiest, and pretty much the leanest, meat out there. In the future we will try to butcher at 14 weeks.

We froze the furs and when we do the next batch of kits when they grow up then we will tan them. I found a pretty simple way to do so using alum, salt, and water. It'll be about a two week process. I am thinking about making a bedspread with the furs. We want to use every part that we possibly can. The feet can be preserved, too, and sold in batches, and the heads go to the raptor rescue program for their hawks, owls, and eagles.

We kept one doe of that litter. I am not sure if we will use her as a breeder or grow her up and sell her as a breeder. She has good ears and a good body type. She seems to be far calmer now that she is not sharing a cage any longer. Her name is Lola.

I think it'll be a couple of weeks before we can eat one. We need to get a little bit further away from the process, but at least we know we can do it now and that we are one step closer to being sustainable.

I had made up a big payday post on Friday and even though I copy/saved the computer didn't so I lost it. Hopefully I'll get that reconstructed tomorrow and sent in for accountability.

I did get another $5 gift card from SB for Amazon and sent for another one. I am doing pretty good this month, though I've been too tired to get more than 40 to 50 points a day for the last couple of days. Tomorrow I have a lot of reading online to do so will probably hit goal as I will have SBTV running off to the side while I do.

DS needs to finish his compare and contrast literature essay and then he is done with home school for the summer. DD gets out of high school on the 19th at 10 or 11, I'm not sure. It will be nice to be free. We can get some real work done on the garden, turn the compost over, and do a bleach and rinse of all the rabbit cages while they are in the rabbit tractors (portable pens) on the lawn. We also need to get the grapes tied up. They are overtaking the rabbit shed door.

And housecleaning. It needs it.

3 Responses to “Processing Day”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Being a huge animal lover, I know that I would never have the stomach for this. Still, I applaud you for making every effort to kill the rabbits humanely; i hope you give them some free range time in their short lives. I am certain that the rabbits under your care get far better treatment than those who live in large, industrial-style farm factories, so I can't fault you for that, although I do hope you'll consider going meatless at least once a week, because rabbits or not, the world could sustain the over-populated Earth if everyone ate meat daily. I also think it's wonderful that you are trying not to let any part of the animal go to waste,and donating to the raptor rescue center is a really great idea.

    I hope you don't take offense at my comments above; what you're doing is what a lot of other people talk about.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad to know it wasn't too bad. I think what you are doing is a great thing for you and your family!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    PS--No offense taken. Raising livestock is not for everyone. I wasn't even sure we'd be able to do this, but now we know we can. It was not easy, but I don't think it should be easy. I have tried doing meatless meals in the past, but it triggers my insulin and I end up eating everything in sight. The higher protein levels of meat keeps my blood sugar steady. I dislike beans and tofu so animal protein is the only way I can do that. The closest I ever come to meatless meals is ones with eggs and cheese as my protein source.


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