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December 29th, 2012 at 05:44 am

We have actually managed pretty well with the portable heaters. I mean it wasn't comfortably warm or anything, but it wasn't freezing either. Just more sort of adequate. Fortunately the new control board for the furnace came in a lot earlier than they claimed it could get here and the guy came out and installed it around 2. It is nice to actually be warm again. I think that's something we can really take for granted sometimes until it's no longer there.


Some expenses that have gone out this week:

$50.47 for 3 prescriptions
$90.00 for physical therapy

Also $76.95 to AMEX which had a couple of autopays go through before I could cancel one and switch the other to the BoA card. The holidays made me absent-minded. Or maybe I'm just naturally absent-minded. It has a zero balance again and I don't plan to use it for gas until the BoA is paid off.

And $30 to DD for last week's and this week's allowance. Also 4 cents to DS who has finally paid off his advance and will resume getting his full allowance next week. As of next week the kids have to start banking half of their allowances for Disneyland.


Finally got through the preface of the book I got for Christmas. The review at Amazon said it was written from a Christian perspective, but I think it's coming off more like he's a religious whackadoodle. If it doesn't tone it down some I may not make it through the rest of the book. So far the writer does not come off as the sort of Christian that I strive to be, certainly. More the type that I tend to look at and think please get out of my religion, the type that makes that verse about not judging others very difficult to apply. At this point I am glad I did not purchase it myself. I hope it gets better. I hate to think it was a total waste of my SIL's money.


I do plan to get back to the food stamp challenge menus soon, but I totally torqued my knee on Christmas day and so it's making it hard for me to concentrate for the amount of time it takes to devote to one of those. It is getting better but is still swollen and sore. Hopefully it will continue to improve.


DH and I have been planning out more of our Disneyland trip. We have a hotel narrowed down for our overnight in Seattle. It has a hot breakfast included (not continental). That was the last thing that needed to be booked.


The chickens are doing really well. Finally put a light in a week or two ago. Today we got 10 eggs out of 12 chickens. Not bad. I miss Lady, though. She is doing well at the new farm, but I still miss her. She was my favorite duck and such a sweetheart.

8 Responses to “Bits and Pieces”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    We lost power for 11 days during Hurricane Sandy, and our house got down to 54 degrees. The fireplace helped alot, as did the feetie pajamas and lots of blankets, but nothing beat the feeling of being able to turn up the heat when the power was back. Glad you're back to normal.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    So glad you got your power on sooner than expected!

  3. EarlyRetirementJoy Says:

    I'm excited for you and your family about your upcoming trip to Disneyland. I can hear the boom of the nightly fireworks from my home here in Orange County!

    I had a thought which you may or may not want to consider. Although I can understand the allure of wanting to enjoy your daily lunch at Disneyland, the truth is that much of the food is standard fare, but terribly overpriced. Another idea might be to eat there once, but then switch your strategy to bringing in easy snacks to keep you going, like granola bars, cheese, crackers, apples, etc., and instead eating your dinners out. There are a lot of fun, family friendly restaurants all around Disneyland, and Downtown Disney is super fun as well, containing lots of fun francise style restaurants. You can see a complete list at

    You might also want to check out and for some half price entertainment & dining venues in and around Anaheim. Medieval Times, as an example, which frequently appears on at half off, is just a quick hop from Disneyland, and combines a fun knights on horseback tournament with a themed dinner. Possibly more than you care to consider, but I did want to give you a heads up just in case. :-)

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad you got your heat back again! I'm sorry to hear about your knee and hope it feels better soon!

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    ERJ--My son has multiple food allergies and I do too. But we have been able to go through the menus of each restaurant at Disneyland and California Adventure with help from the park to find out which restaurants can meet the dietary requirements. We have eaten at many of the restaurants outside the park before and while they were tasty, they inevitably caused allergic reactions in one of us. I really don't want to call all the restaurants outside the park and search for what is needed when three calls to Disney sorted us out. The nicer restuarants there are the ones we are planning on using, not just the burger and nuggets ones.

  6. snafu Says:

    Yahoo, for getting the furnace functioning so quickly. I wonder if you price check via rates for Seattle. I likewise recommend taking snacks or light lunch in lightweight backpack for time spent in the park. I wonder if you can access Entertainment Books for the area at significant discount from ebay or Amazon to help with costs. epinions and responders on travel are generally disappointed with the quality of food in the park's family restaurants and kiosks.

  7. LuckyRobin Says:

    Snafu--We actually discovered that there are lockers outside the park with a picnic area. So we could actually take a small cooler with food and leave it there and access it when we needed to. That is going to be very helpful for us.

    Also we have been to Disney several times and we know where we like the food and where we don't. Blue Bayou, the BBQ ranch place, and a couple of others inside California Adventure that are more upscale.

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