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Odds and Ends

December 23rd, 2012 at 07:20 am

I received another $5 gift card to Amazon from Swagbucks today. I should be getting another one in a day or so. Right now my gift card balance is at $60 and I've earned $70 worth for the year. Not bad when I've only been doing this for a few months. I might get another one before the year is up if I really push the SBTV for the next couple days whenever I am online. Assuming it works properly.

I forgot that we would be getting reimbursed from MIL for the gifts we bought for her to give to our kids and us. She can't get out of the house like she used to and internet shopping isn't really her thing. Anyway, she gave us a check for $313. That was on top of the $100 she gave to DH, so hopefully the credit union will be open on Monday. I know that one of our CU's is open until noon on Monday, but it's not the one we do the major banking at, it's the one we do the easily accessible portion of our EF at (the Safety Net).

If our main CU is open then I will deposit that money and be sending another payment to the credit card. So far this month I have sent $2500 to the BoA Visa. We will send the $313 to the BoA Visa and if DH is ammenable the $100 as well. Then I think we will have enough at the end of the month to send an additional $1000. I'm still debating about using the $1000 in the freezer fund to send to it. I can replenish that $1000 when our income tax return comes.

It is hard for me to spend saved money, but we really don't need the new freezer yet. And we do need to get out of debt. I set aside $2500 for first of month bills, but with AMEX now paid off the monthly $500 for that can go to the credit card as well. Any of the money I set aside for early January that doesn't go to bills or groceries will go to that Visa as well. If I do all of that then we should be able to have that card paid off by the end of January. I want it gone.

I don't think I'll need to do much in the way of grocery shopping between now and our next paycheck on January 11, other than picking up some milk, fish, and a few vegetables. Although if I have the chance to pick up some canned pineapple, oranges, and toilet paper from Costco, I'd like to swing that. I wouldn't go there until the 27th or 28th. No way am I going out on Boxing Day. It's almost as bad as going out on Black Friday. Dangerous. We have plenty of meat in the freezer so I shouldn't need to buy any protein.

I am anxious to push through to the next month. I also want to see what the higher income tax is really going to do to us. I'm thinking we'll lose about $200 a month out of our net take home pay. It would be nice if they renewed that lower tax rate, but I'm certainly not holding my breath that the..."gentlemen" in DC are going to get anything done. Except allowing the Fed to print more money backed by nothing but air.

Honestly, all that stuff going on in DC is making it more important to us than ever to pay off our consumer debt. It'll make their fingers in our wallets a little easier to cope with. Plus I've had a weird sort of paranoia about having debt on credit cards for the last year. Like there was something about the middle of 2014 that was going to happen that would make it very bad for us to be holding a lot of credit card debt. It's just a feeling in my gut and I'm pretty sure it's an irrational one, but it's there and it's driving me to finish getting this gone.

4 Responses to “Odds and Ends”

  1. homebody Says:

    I need to get out of this chair, upgrade my YNAB to be ready for next month. Wish my energy would come back. Good work on the credit cards. It feels so good to be done with that.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    What happened to Swagbucks? I didn't use my home computer for several weeks and now Swagbucks is all different. Did they do a remodel?

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I don't know about your 2014 prediction, but at this stage of the game, I think getting rid of any credit card debt is wise. It is frightening what can happen if the policitians don't deal with the fiscal thing...we received an email from payroll last week stating they aren't sure what is going to happen and how to exactly figure taxes for the pay period after the first.

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    CB--Yes, they did it about a week ago, I think. It's not quite as easy to use now, in my opinion, though I think that was their intention, to be easier to use.

    Rob--I don't know either, but I've learned to trust my instincts over the years. It is scary what is going on in DC. I figured it would be lots of posturing but they'd have it pounded out before Christmas. No such luck. If they don't get it together soon the entire nation is going to be ticked off at them once their paychecks start coming in 2013.

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