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The Basement is Flooded

October 31st, 2012 at 03:15 am

The heavy rains have brought a lot of water into Mom's basement. We've had the sump pump on all day. Mom doesn't want to run it while everyone is sleeping for fear that it might go dry and burn out. It's not looking likely that it will let up overnight, but I understand her concern. I put on her Wellies and went down to lift it up onto a shelf for the night because there is always the chance of it getting underwater during the night and the water getting into the motor and ruining it.

When I look at stories from the East Coast I am grateful that it is only a few inches of water we are having to deal with and not several feet. I can't even imagine how folks are coping with that. We've flooded pretty badly before, national disaster badly, four of five feet of water, but somehow it just doesn't compare. Usually our serious flooding comes from rapid snow melt, not violent winds and torrential rains. I've never experienced a hurricane. You folks over that way are certainly in my prayers and thoughts.


Physical therapy today was brutal. It felt like the muscles on the side of my thigh were stacked on top of each other. P.T. meant $90 out that I had forgotten about, but I still should have an extra $210 left to send to debt when payday comes Friday.


I gave in to a craving after P.T. I has 25 minutes to kill before it was time to pick up DD, and DS was at a homeschool field trip with Mom. It is so rare for me to be alone anymore ever because of homeschooling. I don't eat before P.T. because it makes me nauseated if I do. I made the decision to swing through DQ and get a burger, fries and a bottled water. I spent $5.86. And I enjoyed every bite of it while I read my book and waited in the school parking lot.

I've done pretty well on the not eating out front. I've certainly broken the drive-thru habit. I think this is the first time I've been to a drive-thru since spring. It was good to get a little something and I feel like that's satisfied me and I can get on with the home-cooking.

I had $60 in cash left from last payday, so I took the money out of it. That left me with 4 ones and some change for the coin jar. I added $4.13 to the regular coin jar and a penny to the Canadian coin jar. Whatever is left of that cash on Friday will go into the Freezer Fund. That and $100 on Friday will top off that fund.


I'm going to pull the tomatoes tomorrow, I think. Half of my kitchen table will be devoted to ripening them. I hope we have enough newspaper to wrap them. I do have several brown paper bags that I've saved that I can use as well.


The remaining ducks survived the night. I was afraid the racoons would be back. The ducks look so sad though, wandering around and trying to find the missing two and calling for them. They really were a social flock. It's a little heart-breaking. Lady didn't lay today. I think she might have been shocked out of it. We'll see if there is an egg tomorrow. We got six chicken eggs, though. Life goes on.

3 Responses to “The Basement is Flooded”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    So sorry about the flooding. I'm curious about the pump. Is there a real chance it will burn out? Does it cycle on and off as it's needed? I ask because we moved into our house recently 1 year ago, and it's our first with a pump. I'm trying to understand how they work. Ours is in a hole in a corner, hooked to electric, plus with a battery back up system.

    Anyway, I also feel your pain--literally- with PT. I had a bad sports injury 6 years ago-- torn MCL 90 percent. The PT was like going to a torture chamber!! But, to their credit, I have range of motion, haven't had a reinjury, and now know what I have to do to play sports and do things like skiiing without tweaking the same injury. It does work, but it sure doesn't feel good!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Her pump is thirty years old so I don't know if it would be comparable to what you have. I'm not sure if it really would, but she worries about it because the pump she had before this one did burn out when left on and there was no water left to pump.

  3. Tony Scott Says:

    Try to replace your old sump pump with new one. Make sure that you select the ideal model of sump pump so that it can efficiently drain out the water . Regularly check the level of water and backup sump pump is perfect if you experience power shortage.

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