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Packing and Other House Stuff

April 30th, 2011 at 11:25 pm

DH and I went out to the house today and finished cleaning out the laundry room and the one kitchen cupboard that hadn't been packed up. We did a load of big dishes that will get packed tomorrow when we go back and then just under the sink in the two bathrooms and everything will be packed. We will have FIL's truck tomorrow and should be able to get the house completely empty and everything but the piano taken to storage. We will move the piano first thing at the end of May. I don't know if the dump is open tomorrow or not, it being Sunday, but if it is we will do a dump run as well. If not we can keep the truck and do it Monday morning.

This will set us up to start ripping out the carpeting the next time DH comes home. Once the carpet is ripped out and disposed of we will paint the walls of the rooms that need to be painted, which is three of the bedrooms, one of the bathrooms, one wall in the laundry room and the playroom and living room. After that we can start putting in new flooring (linoleum in the bathrooms and wooden flooring in the other rooms), put in two new toilets and one new sink, and by then it should be warm enough outside to paint the two sides of the house that need it and the porch.

I think we are going to have to hire a landscaper to do the yardwork, though. I can't get down on my knees anymore since the surgery and DH has never been one for yardwork beyond mowing the lawn and weed eating the ditch.

I know the roof has gotten mossy so that will have to be taken care of. The carport roof needs to be taken down because it is collapsing in the middle (it was built out of wood and not to code by the people who owned the house before us) and the shed needs new shingles because the repair we did left it with part black and part brown shingles. The shed needs to be painted as well.

There's a lot to do but hopefully we will be finished by the end of July and can get it on the market by August. That would be nice. If not, oh, well. It's not like the mortgage payments are breaking the bank at under $400 a month.

We found $2.25 in coins in the laundry room, including a 50 cent piece and a Sacajawea dollar. Most of them had to be cleaned with Comet just to get the gunge off them. They went into the coin jar with the eventual destination the emergency fund.

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