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Rebuilding the EF and More Medical

April 17th, 2011 at 02:22 pm

DH cleaned out his wallet and I cleaned out my purse and we came up with $2.35 in change which I put into the coin jar. I've got enough money in the laptop fund now to pay off the laptop (even though I'm making monthly payments of $100 instead of paying it off, since it is a no interest/18 month loan), so I am going to switch the coin jar savings so that it goes to the EF. Since the EF needs some serious rebuilding after taxes ate it up I think that's the best thing to do.

DS is not feeling well. He woke up with his throat on fire and all congested and then he threw up. Poor child. I figured he'd get sick after the class trip. It was pretty cold where they went and I doubt he kept his hat and gloves and scarf on despite being in the mountains and in the snow. Because he says his tonsils are hurting I will take him to the doctor tomorrow. I cancelled my physical therapy appointment.

DH has a dentist appointment tomorrow so hopefully it won't be at the same time since they are on opposite sides of town. DH could walk to his if he had to, it's only a mile and a half. Or ride his bike. Doctor is seven miles away, though and with DS sick and it being so cold out still, we definitely need the car.

We've been pretty fortunate with DS not getting sick much this cold season. He's had two colds as opposed to the almost constant cold and flu that his sister and I have had. It takes a lot to stop this kiddo and right now he's curled up in bed, so that tells me he truly is miserable.

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