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Back from the Mall

April 16th, 2011 at 04:11 pm

Oh, I really don't like going there. It's always so hot inside the building. But DD needed her hair cut. She got about five inches off and a fun, cute, easy to manage style. It just touches the nape of her neck now. So that came to $30 with the tip.

After I had my eye appointment at Lenscrafters and oh, boy has my perscription changed. Not only has my distance vision gotten worse, but my near vision has gotten bad enough that I had to get bifocals. Progressive ones so no line, but man it was so nice to at least temporarily be able to see clearly through the machine.

Unfortunately they had to order the right type of lenses so it could be up to ten days before I get them and they can't even order them until Monday morning. The insurance covered $200 of the lenses and frames, but we still had to cover $247 ourselves. That is how bad my eyes are that I can't use normal lenses anymore. We put it on our Lenscrafters account, which is three months to pay off with no interest. I will, however, pay it off next month when the bill comes.

DD still needs to get an eye exam and new glasses. I will put that in the budget for May as well. She's only got one thing wrong with her eyes, thank goodness.

We ate lunch at the food court. DH and I split a fish and chips from Ivar's that came with a clam chowder and soda. DH had the clam chowder and soda. I got a water bottle and had one piece of fish and half the fries. It cost $12. The kids split a meatball marinara footlong sandwich from Subway, a bag of chips and each got a rootbeer for $8. So $20 for lunch out.

Dinner tonight is homemade tacos. Yummy. DH and I are sitting down tonight and doing a full week's worth of meal planning.

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