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School Expenses

October 17th, 2008 at 04:41 am

I picked up all the art and science supplies that I should need for the entire school year according to the WAVA curriculum guide for both kids to the tune of $106 tonight. Yech. The good news is that should be it now on out of pocket expense. Everything else is provided by the state. I've still spent less with this than I would have done doing it all myself from scratch without state interference or support or whatever you want to call state run online homeschooling courses. *sighs*

The curriculum is really good though. Really, really good. I am so impressed with it. It is miles above what they are teaching in our local school district. My daughter is taking pre-algebra and enjoying it and doing well (90% or better). The district had her in a dumbed down math class of lather, rinse, repeat of the last few years of math because of all her absences, where she was not doing well at all (about 65%) because she was bored and didn't care. And it made her feel stupid. She sure doesn't anymore.

My son and I made a Beufort Spinner for science class yesterday and tomorrow we'll be making a Humidity Dectector. Should be an interesting lesson. I'm learning a fair bit about meteorology that I didn't know before.

We still won't get the actual books for another two weeks or so, though. We can only do the parts offered online. *sighs again* But this way we can ease into it, I suppose.

2 Responses to “School Expenses”

  1. mom-from-missouri Says:

    Wow. The state supplies part of your homeschooling? Not in Missouri. In fact, we pay school taxes to 3 different districts and don't get anything. (In fact, our county does not even have a library. We have to pay for cards at the library the next town over which is in a different county)

  2. Amber Says:

    No schools supplies here in FL not even in poor public schools

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