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Yet Another Coin Jar Update and Bills

October 15th, 2008 at 04:49 am

I added $1.33 to the change jar today. This was change from some gift certificates to McD's that we used as it was drive DH to the airport day. So no out of pocket money spent and change recieved.

$24.80 starting balance
+01.33 amount added
$26.13 ending balance

I also paid bills today online:

$1000 to monthly travel expense Visa
$942 to unsecured loan
$15 to credit monitoring service for DH
$15 to credit monitoring service for me

The monthly travel expense covers DH's tickets to and from Alaska, his hotel overnight, travel food, etc. This is almost a fixed expense. The amount varies from month to month depending on the cost of airfare, but any extra money goes into a fund to pay that expense if it ever tops over $1000, which it on occassion does in the summer. Then the money left from the lower winter amounts is still there. We don't get reimubursed for any of it. But it's still cheaper to live where we do and pay that, then it is to move to Alaska and live there and not have the travel expense.

I did buy some other stuff this week, so I'll do that in a seperate post tomorrow. Major household stuff. Too tired to add more in tonight.

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