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EF Update and Spending and Shopping Plans

November 8th, 2007 at 01:41 pm

Today was the day of the auto deposit of $10 to savings. I transferred it to ING.

$2188.58 Old EF Balance
+ 10.00 Deposit
$2198.58 New EF Balance

I also spent $74 on the 3rd Series DVD set of Doctor Who which came out this week and arrived in my mailbox today. It is nice living so near to an Amazon shipping warehouse. 2 day shipping for the price of 3 to 5 business days. I won't be making my usual monthly music CD purchase. Not that they are comparable in price but my deal is one purchase like this a month whether it be a movie, a DVD set, or a music CD.

Not too much going on. We've got a long weekend here. Today was early release at school and then the kids don't go back until Tuesday.

I will be taking Rose shopping for basketball shoes later this week, which will cost, and a couple pairs of winter pants. She really only has two pair now that the weather has turned and the cold season has started. Since there was snow in the rain today I need to rectify that pretty quickly. She's grown 4 inches since the start of the last cold season so not much fits. I think we can get by with only buying her two more pairs unless there is a really good sale.

3 Responses to “EF Update and Spending and Shopping Plans”

  1. Marie Says:

    I miss reading your posts. Hope you are doing OK.

  2. anonymous Says:

    I honestly don't understand why you spend your money on such frivolous things such as a DVD set. Don't get me wrong, ultimately, it's your money to do what you please with it (and we should all have some joy in our life). However, I can think of few things where money is more foolishly spent.

    If this is what you really want to do with your money, go with it (but please quit telling us about how close the Amazon warehouse is to justify it). In my view, a complete waste of valuable resources that could be put to use elsehwere. Wake up.

    Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh, but believe it or not, it's well intentioned.

  3. midlight21 Says:

    Missing you!! Hurry back!

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