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That ING Thing

July 28th, 2007 at 10:02 pm

I sent $20 off to ING today to add to the EF. That was from the last two Thursday's weekly $10 auto deposit into my CU savings. That brings the amount in the EF to $781.05. That leaves me $218.95 left to go to hit the $1000 mark.

While I was there I peaked at the interest generated for the month and it was at $3.34. It won't be as high next month since the vacation money is no longer in there earning interest, but it is still nice to see. I have checks to deposit still, the refund from Comcast and the reimbursement from my mother. I will do that on Monday and send them to ING as well.

The post office did not deliver the mail today like they were supposed to, so I won't know until Monday if the GTM check has come or not.

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