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Sometimes We Win

October 31st, 2006 at 05:37 am

After I got the kids on the bus this morning, I wanted in the absolute worst way to drive the five minutes down the highway to this really terrific diner in Maple Falls. I had such a hankering for their home fries and pancakes this morning. And they make everything from scratch there, so I don't even have to worry about nasties in the food, except maybe nitrates in sausage or bacon.

But pancakes there are definitely not made with whole wheat flour and I don't know what kind of oil they use to cook the home fries and as I am trying to avoid transfats, well that wouldn't do at all.

But how hard could it be to make home fries? I mean, all it is is diced potatoes, bell pepper and onion. So I made them myself in olive oil, along with some nice nitrate/nitrite free, sulphate/sulfite free, sugar free all natural sausage and throughly enjoyed my homemade "diner" style breakfast. Didn't even miss the pancake that I had wanted earlier. Also saved myself about $10 including tip. They aren't horribly expensive there and I would have had a full breakfast if I had gone, rather than two items and the portions would have been a lot larger, too.

It was nice to not spend the money and stick to my new dietary habits.

I did, however spend some money tonight. We went to the chiropractor and then to Kmart to buy gloves and hats for the kids and gloves for me. The kids have scarves, but gloves and hats always seem to get lost or outgrown really fast. My gloves get lost because I let the kids wear them when they lose theirs.

I'm going to get some chenille yarn next payday and knit myself a hat and scarf to match my new jacket I bought a few weeks back. I'm not a great knitter but I can do hats and scarves that look good. I just can't do anything else. I'm starting to think the jacket may not be warm enough after all. It was 25 degrees this morning waiting for the school bus. But its hard to find anything really, really warm that isn't made of wool or lined with down. I'm not a masochist, I like to breathe and I can't do that with wool or down, so no go.

Oh, when we were at Kmart I looked at all the Christmas stuff. I love penguins, in fact I've collected penguins for 16 years and they had some really cute ones. But there is something that really, really annoys me to no end about Christmas and penguins. Penguins do not exist at the North Pole. They are native to Antarctica, as in the South Pole. And penguins and polar bears do not exist together as polar bears are native to the upper wilds of Canada and Alaska. And yet every year, there they are, cavorting together. Sigh. Just a really big pet peeve. Silly, I know, but it bugs me.

Nothing really jumped out at me to add to my collection of lights for our huge light display. Nothing I've seen at WalMart yet has impressed me either. Or Costco. I know its still early yet. I will be putting aside an extra hundred dollars to pay for the bump in our electric bill that we get after the holiday, due to all the lights. But it is a big deal for us and we wouldn't give it up, the kids just adore it and so does the neighborhood. I wish I'd bought the rope light nativity they had 3 years ago.

Oh, I should probably budget another $100 to buy cable to run through all the standees and hook around the trees so people can't steal from us this year. They didn't get much last year because DH surprised them in the act, but I'm not going to lose something we've paid hard-earned money for again. We also bought motion detectors last year so we will have to get those installed around the most expensive things.

Okay, this is more of a ramble than anything to do with finances so I think I'll wrap it up. Oh, I was able to cash out at TinklyCash this morning. $5 on its way to paypal. Oh, also wrote a check for $10 to fund Matt's hot lunch account at school. Which reminds me, I need to order checks.

4 Responses to “Sometimes We Win”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    "I'm starting to think the jacket may not be warm enough after all. ... I'm not a masochist, I like to breathe and I can't do that with wool or down, so no go."

    try a sporting goods store and look at ski jackets: they're designed to be super warm and allow for free movement. plus, they're usually waterproof and have all kinds of 'hidey hole' pockets i like pockets *grin*. seriously, you might still be able to find some of last years styles on the cheap.

    or, try the Extreme Squall Jacket at "TEMPERATURE RATING: 10/-10 Fahrenheit. Over a light layer, the Extreme Squall Jacket will keep you warm in 10 weather; over layering pieces, in -10 weather." no wool, no down, $79.50 regular price and guaranteed for life.

  2. contrary1 Says:

    We've all dug out our long johns here.........still 27 this morning & a tad nippy, even Inside the house!!! Fires not performing just yet..........will crank it up & see if I can melt the chill off here.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Tina--It is the Land's End Extreme Squall Jacket. And it's not quite going to cut it. I wore it over a sweatshirt this morning and I could still feel the cold creeping in.

    Sue--27 sounds almost warm. It was 20 this morning! It's too early for this.

  4. tinapbeana Says:

    wow, lucky, that looked like one bad arse jacket. i hate that it's not doing what you need! maybe you should return it... glad to hear you had a safe & sound halloween night.

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