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Money Deposited

October 26th, 2006 at 07:25 pm

I finally made it to town and deposited money to savings and today was also the auto deposit so:

$10.00 auto deposit
$10.00 cash
$ 2.50 rolled coin
$ 5.00 surveyspot check
$36.50 refund for x-ray

Total depsoit: $64.00
New balance in savings: $1299.01

I have blown past my goal of saving $250 by the end of November by $49.01 already. I wonder if its possible for me to double my goal and save a total of $500 by the end of November instead? I'd have to come up with $200.99. I'll have $105 more just through normal savings next month. No wait, there are 5 Thursdays next month so that's five auto deposits, which is $50 plus the $65 we used to pay for cable, which is $115, so I'd only have to scrape up $85.99.

Of course, this is beyond the $1000 I will save next month because DH is working an extra week. I'm still waiting on a check from ACOP for $15 and I think I've got another one coming from another survey company, still. Hmm. I can definitely count on the ACOP, it should show up any day now, so that's just $70.99 to come up with. That is totally doable.

So come the end of November I should have a total $2500 in savings! Woohoo! With our tax refund and DH's bonus plus what I am regularly able to save $7800 by the end of April. With our trade-in we should easily be able to purchase a good used car with that. Especially if the one we want is still sitting on the lot by then. It'll have been there for at least 8 months at that point. I'm sure they'll want to move it.

Although, if we can save that much in one year, maybe we ought to try to hold out another year and double that amount and get a two year old car instead of a five year old one. I don't know. Still, the older car would mean I could start putting my savings skills to work again sooner and start paying down debt with a vengeance. I'll have to really think about that. Our car is 14 years old and still runs okay most of the time. The SUV is 10 years old and would be the trade-in for obvious gas guzzling reasons.

Too much to decide on today, but for now I think I'll stick with the first goal of buying a five year old car and we can decide for sure in April when we have the money in the bank.

5 Responses to “Money Deposited”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    congrats on meeting (no, beating) your savings goal!!! with $7800 cash plus a 1996 trade (which could get anywhere from 1g to ???), you should be able to get plenty of car. moneywise your better bet is to sell the SUV yourself and put that with your cash, b/c you'll never get what the car is worth when you trade it.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I know it is probably smarter to sell the SUV ourselves, but DH is gone so much, we live in the boonies, and I don't feel comfortable driving around with strangers while they test drive, plus I can't leave the kids and I really don't feel comfortable driving around with strangers with my kids. We have talked of asking BIL to sell it for us for a ten percent commission, he has good contacts in that area. I just really question who would buy a ten-year-old SUV right now with how much gas is and the 4 wheel drive and A/C doesn't work. I kind of feel like the dealership is probably our best bet.

    I suppose we could try to have BIL sell it first and if it doesn't move, then use it as a trade-in. BIL did sell his last December for $4000 and it was the same SUV only a year older than ours and not a luxury edition.

  3. tinapbeana Says:

    "I suppose we could try to have BIL sell it first and if it doesn't move, then use it as a trade-in. BIL did sell his last December for $4000 and it was the same SUV only a year older than ours and not a luxury edition."

    oh yeah, go that route. i just traded in my 96 2 door 5 speed pontiac (aka good gas mileage) and got a grand =/ if he could sell if for 4k, he gets 400 and you get 3600, probably a lot more than you would in trade...

    actually, have you looked at the kelly blue book value online? it'll give you a ball-park of what to expect if you sell yourself or if you trade it in.

  4. moneycents Says:

    Way to go Robin!!!

  5. contrary1 Says:

    Just goes to show we all, usually, underestimate ourselves and how creative we can be when given any situation.

    You continue to be surprised when you surpass your goals...... Raise the bar! Aim higher......... Whatever you can imagine, you can acheive. Just think of the great lessons you are teaching your kids through this!!! They will learn how capable they are ........through you!

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