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Mom's Birthday

August 29th, 2006 at 02:43 am

Tonight (or technically yesterday) was my mother's 67th birthday. It was me and my kids, my sister and her three youngest kids, my neice (from my other sister) and her husband, and my parents. My mother invited everyone over for dinner tonight, and out of my sister, neice, and me, I'm the only one who stayed in the kitchen to help my mother out. No one ever helps but me, anyway, but come on, its her birthday and they don't lift a finger? That is so not right.

But the meal was fabulous and I got a ton of leftovers to take home. A big gallon Ziploc full of fried chicken, a quart of gravy (only fitting, as I made this), 2 quarts of green beans, and a quart Ziploc full of broccoli/cauliflower (which I'd also made). No one else went home with leftovers, one of the benefits of working in the kitchen. Anyway, I have enough there for at least 4 meals for me and the kids for free. I just need to add potatoes or corn.

I may make soup with the bones, depends on if the weather drops out of the 80's or not. I am not having a stock pot on the stove all day in this heat. Well, maybe the crockpot, though.

DH is gone again, took him to the airport before I went to Mom's. Just as well, as there would have been no gravy left if he'd gone to Mom's, LOL.

We had a pair of twins move in 3 houses down today, a boy and girl aged 6.5. Tobias is in heaven. And they will come to our bus stop when school starts.

I listened to the first CD in "The Automatic Millionaire" and it was really good. I did it while I was doing my PTR emails. I wanted to be listening to Damia (book on tape by Anne McCaffrey) instead, but after the first 5 minutes I was really enjoying it.

I have just finished reading an anthology of Robert Heinlein stories, his juvenile space adventure stories which was quite good. I'm a couple chapters into The Best of Living Cheap News on the financial side and started 1 Million A.D., an anthology of speculative science fiction stories.

I am not buying anymore books this year unless they are by Elizabeth Moon or Anne McCaffrey. I have a list of financial books I am getting from the library as I finish one. And I have about 500 books in my den that I have ordered from the SFBC that I became a member of in 1990 but never got around to reading. Okay, that is an exaggeration, but I have a six foot tall bookcase double stacked on their sides with hard back books. I don't need to buy more. I just need to work through what I have and start listing them on half.com or somewhere to sell.

I am reading so much more without the cable tv. It really frees up my time.

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