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Earnings, Savings, and When School Starts

August 28th, 2006 at 01:52 pm

The $3.00 from paypal from GaryMails was deposited in my account this morning, so I transferred that from checking to savings, bringing that account up to $782.85.

I cashed out ReadRevenue for $3.00 this morning. I'm not close on anything else at the moment, so it will probably be next week before I cash out more.

I'm only doing a couple right now. Once the kids go back to school, I may do more, but I've promised myself that as soon as school starts I will go to Curves to exercise 3x per week, and ride my bike outside for an hour at least twice a week. I will also spend 2 hours a day writing. I've got a great outline and 25 pages and just need to write oh, about 175 more. If I'm in the flow I can do about 10 pages a day.

Then there's all the housework to get done while the children are not underfoot, so I have maybe one hour a day to do click-thrus while no one is home. Maybe an hour in the evening during homework. But we will be running for soccer (both kids) so who knows?

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