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July 15th, 2006 at 02:20 am

Today I paid a few bills.

$700 to Bank of America Visa
$60 to MBNA MC # 1

I know something else needs to be paid, I'll have to look through my bill box. I think it is water delivery.

I made one frivilous purchase today but it was a planned expense. The 1st season of the New Doctor is now out on DVD so I bought that.

Went to Lane Bryant and they've discontinued the perfect, most comfortable bras in the universe and I am so mad. No other store makes them like this, anywhere. I'm writing corporate. The stupid things they replaced them with are awful.

Did my shopping at Costco and got out of there right in the low $70's. Went to WalMart, bought a few things that I needed, but kept that total down way low, nowhere near $100. Bought produce and some yogurt (Toobular, a knock off of gogurt) for the kids and also organic milk.

Oh, I did have one more frivilous expense. I bought a large Pepsi from a drive-thru restaurant. I only got 3 hour of sleep last night as Rose was up all night with stomach cramps after having eating a food she was allergic to. She finally fell asleep at 6 and then my son woke up at 6:40. I hadn't even managed to sleep yet. But he did go back to bed and they both slept in until ten so I got 3 hours before having to get up. Definitely felt like I needed the caffeine to make the drive home and I don't do coffee.

My kids are staying over with my mother again, until Sunday morning, so I should be able to get stuff done tomorrow that needs doing. Especially the part of the lawn by the road. The taller but smaller yellow flowered weeds that look like dandelions are up right now and I want to mow them down before they turn into wishing stars (as my kids call them) or seed pods. And also before the association gets snippy. And add chemicals to the pool and weed the garden some.

2 Responses to “Payday”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    I sure hate when the products you love are discontinued! You don't even want to hear my LONG list of items that don't exist anymore. Basically I've lost my shampoo, deoderant, facial cleanser, and other personal items. Life sure isn't as easy as it used to be. I just can't find acceptable replacements. Frown

  2. Lady Jennelle Says:

    Aaaah, I hope Rose is feeling better by now!



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