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Real Food in Thermoses

June 24th, 2006 at 11:05 pm

Perky's musings on why people don't often pack real food made me think about a recent purchase I made at Fred Meyer. They had all sorts of little to medium size Aladdin thermoses, most came with an attatched spoon and some came with dividers. I purchased four.

My kids will be taking real food to school next year. When I was homeshooling I didn't have to worry about sandwiches and chips or junk food that much. I just cooked a hot meal or put together a cold salad, depending on the day. My kids don't really think sandwiches are all that great, unless they are hot, toasted and contain cheese and ham. So this last school year, Rose's first back to public school after 2 grades and Tobias' first year, lunches were difficult.

Both my kids enjoy hot lunch but it is $1.90 per lunch. That gets pricey fast. I did have one thermos each for the kids and on occassion I would send ravioli or soup instead of a sandwich lunch. It always went over so much better than anything else.

So, with my kids in very loud agreement, next school year they will be able to take things like chicken and potatoes in the same container because of the divided dishes. Rose won't eat chicken cold, but if it is warm she devours it. They both want my beef stew in one compartment and a homemade biscuit in the other side. Or leftover spaghetti and meatballs, or meatloaf and green beans, or enchiladas and rice. They were so enthusiastic over the idea.

I told them they can still have hot lunch once a week if they want to, but that the rest of the week they can eat real food from home. I will still let them get the 40 cent milk at school, though. I can't beat that price really, when I send it in a container from home they never drink it all or complain it wasn't enough, or don't screw the cap back on tightly enough and milk leaks all over the inside of their lunchbox and if I'm really unlucky all over the inside of their backpacks. The school sized one is perfect for them, so I will give on that. I can get juice boxes a lot cheaper, but I'd much rather send along a fruit than a juice.

Being able to balance Rose's diet more will be great. She is pre-diabetic (long family history of diabetes) and has several food allergies. When she eats hot lunch, we never really know what is in it. We've learned through trial and error which ones she can eat and which one's she can't. And she spent a lot of time in the nurse's office with stomach and intestinal pain.

Rose has even said she would give up hot lunch from school altogether if I would send hot lunch from home every day. I think we will all be much happier next school year. And it will cut back or cut out that expense altogether.

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