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I Won My 6 Month Transformer at Dietbet

August 8th, 2015 at 01:27 am

I lost 10% of my body weight over the past 6 months with an initial bet at dietbet of $125. My winnings for the 6 months was $289.18, netting me a profit of $164.18. Not bad for something I was doing anyway, losing weight. I more than doubled my money. And having money in the game has been the most motivation I've ever had not to screw up my diet. Losing money was not an option for me.

I also have some money in there from doing a couple of monthly dietbets as well and winning them. So there is a total of $324.04 sitting in the account. I have more than doubled my investment.

I am going to take a month off, I think, maybe two (of the dietbet, not the diet) and then do another Transformer. With the broken nose I won't be able to exercise like I have been and so I'll wait until it heals enough to resume that kind of activity before putting money down again.

I am not 100% sure what I will do with the money, but I am leaning towards putting it towards a barrel chicken plucker for the farm.

Savings Update and Money plans

September 29th, 2006 at 01:43 am

Today was the weekly auto deposit to savings of $10, bringing my account to $957. The $3 transfer from paypal should come through tomorrow and I will be depositing $40 to hit my goal of $1000.

When I hit $1000, I am going to bite the bullet and open an ING account for six months with $250 to get the $25 deposit bonus. I am also going to take $250 and open an Emigrant Direct account as it is now at 5.15%. The remaining $500 will stay in my CU in case I need something for an emergency. I don't want to touch it, don't intend to touch it, but I'd rather have access to it quickly.

I will transfer the $10 weekly to Emigrant, plus the $65 monthly there as well, so that account will grow. When the time comes I will probably leave only $50 in my ING account so that if there ever comes a time when they are competitive again I can easily transfer money back there. Or so that if I am able to get referrals, I can get the bonus for that. I think I may end up opening accounts for my kids there, just so they can each get the $25 and I can get the $10 each for reffering them. But first their savings accounts need to build.

I am about to institute allowances with my kids. I will have them save 20% in their savings accounts that is not touchable, 10% will be used for church offerings, and 20% will be used for their piggy banks for them to save up for stuff they want to buy, or if they want to use it for buying presents at Christmas or birthdays. The other 50% they can spend as they wish.

I am thinking $20 a month each. Which seems high to me until I realize that they only will have $10 a month to blow. And I will keep their church money and their short-term savings money in my room so they can't just have at it. I think I'll make it a ritual, also. As in taking them to the bank to make their $4 deposits, counting out $2 in quarters for their church money and letting them clink them into the church banks, counting out the short-term savings money and having them put that money into that bank.

I am also thinking about putting $1 into their accounts each time they deposit their $4. They get a punch card at the bank and for every $5 deposit they get a punch and after 5 punches they get to pick a prize from the prize box. Good prizes, too like books and puzzles, not chintzy stuff. I can use it to explain a bit about 401Ks and how they match your retirement savings a bit.

The only difficulty I forsee is scraping up the $40 a month to do it. DH is supposed to get a raise in January so maybe it'll have to wait until then. I think it is important though to do it. I feel like teaching them to save and to make charitable contributions is an investment in their future. An investment that is just as important to me as investing in DH's 401K is.

Oh, the gas station I went to to get milk today didn't have enough pennies to make change so ended up giving me 10 cents in change instead of 9 cents. One more penny to add to my people keep giving me money total, bringing it to: $1.81 since April.

Not much going on

September 24th, 2006 at 10:19 pm

I cashed out a $3 PTR at ReadRevenue yesterday. I qualified for a $15 market research study, where the product should be arriving this week for me to test. This is the first one that has no strings attatched. They send me the product, I test it, take a survey, I ship it back in the postage paid packaging and take another survey a week later. I'm excited.

I also filled out a qualification survey for another market research company with the same survey company that I'm doing the other one for so I am hopeful this may become a thing. I've been filling out surveys with this company for several months now before I got to this level. They do have paid surveys about every six weeks or so where I'll get a $4 or $5 check, so I know they pay out. Like that in a company.

I received a $25 Shell gas card in the mail today from MyPoints, so I am going to take $25 out of my gas fund and put it in savings this week. I'll make that $1000 one way or another.

Yesterday was soccer and the kids played pretty well. Tobias has the four mini-games and they tied two and lost one 2 to 1 and one 2 to 0. Rose's team lost 5 to 6, it would have been 7 to 6 but two goals were disqualified for offsides. Yet, the other team was frequently offsides and the ref never seemed to see that. Or the pushing. Although he did call the kicking and deliberate tripping. But I digress.

It was a good game and the other team only got their last two goals in the last 8 minutes of the game, usually they were trailing. It was exciting and fun to watch and our girls felt really good about it, considering they all thought if the ref had been calling the plays right on both sides, they would have won. Problem with a twelve year old ref, I suppose, but the soccer club takes what it can get.

We ended up spending $31.89 for dinner out at Round Table Pizza for the four of us. We go there even though it is a little pricier because they don't use MSG in making their pizzas, which Rose is very allergic to and I don't react well to, either. We have got our eating out down to 1 time a week and I am hoping to get it down to twice a week, which is hard during soccer season, with the ultimate goal being one time out a month.

I am doing more cooking ahead and that helps, but when you have to spend all day at the soccer park and keep a cooler in a boiling hot vehicle, I still worry about food safety. Food poisoning is never fun and I've had it often enough in my life that I just prefer to avoid the whole issue. And I don't want to be dragging a cooler around the fields, either. I already have enough to carry.

Still, there has to be some compromise that won't be so pricey each week. I suppose the dollar menu at McD's maybe, but that's less healthy than pizza (at least the way we order pizza). Maybe the grocery store deli might be an option. Well, cheaper but not necessarily healthy either. I'll have to think on it some more.

Finished reading "Smart Couples Finish Rich," by David Bach yesterday. Very good information and I highly reccommend it for both members of a married couple or for anyone living as a married couple with combined finances. I didn't agree with everything he said, but I'd say about 90 percent of it can be applied to my life. DH is going to read it next.

I have learned a lot about how to invest with retirement money and how to invest beyond retirement money. I'm surprised at how clueless I really was before reading this book. Now I think I have a good foundation on which to build.

I started reading "Smart Women Finish Rich," same author, just to see where the books vary and if there might not be something even more specific to me as a woman than me as part of a couple.

Can't remember if I mentioned that we paid out $32 this week for school pictures and sports pictures, for 2 kids, each package being the cheapest at $8 a piece.

I also have to write a check to fund Tobias's lunch account tomorrow, so that will be another $30. It just makes me life easier when he has hot lunch. I know it is an expense I should cut out, but right now, I'm not quite willing.