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Meal Planning, Loosely

December 16th, 2021 at 05:14 am

Physical therapy beat me up today and I really didn't feel like cooking when I got home, so it was kind of a leftover and canned food sort of meal tonight.  DS had leftover pizza, DD had leftover chicken and potatoes, DH has leftover ravioli and a couple tuna fish sandwiches and I had a can of chili with a toasted cheese sandwich.  DH made my food for me, since my left shoulder is not working today, which means pain medicine, which means no stove for me.  It was good to get the leftovers out of the fridge and not create anymore.  Not every dinner has to be gourmet or freshly cooked.

Hopefully, I will feel more like cooking tomorrow.  I need to make up the lobster ravioli I bought from Costco, so it will probably be that.  I plan on making a pesto but with parsly instead of basil and Romano instead of parmesan and garlic instead of pinenuts.  I'll still use olive oil.  Not sure if that actually counts as pesto, but it is what I have in the house and can be easily made in the blender.  So basically all I would really have to do tomorrow is boil water and blend the pesto ingredients.  I just don't think lobster ravioli would go well with a tomato based sauce and cheese, like the chicken ravioli does.

As for other upcoming meals I will make chicken and root vegetables, because I have some parsnips and turnips and a sweet potato that is starting to sprout and of course I'll throw in potatoes with it.  Then maybe spaghetti with a chunky meat and vegetable tomato sauce that I simmer for a while.  I'd also like to make a chicken curry, maybe on the weekend when I have help.  Or possibly the Malaysian chicken.  And we'll probably get a breakfast for dinner with either pancakes or waffles with ham, and cucumber slices (since melon is out of season).

I think the only things I need to buy for those meals are lemon grass and fresh ginger if I decide to the do the Maylasian chicken.  If I buy ginger, I think I will buy a bigger amount than normal.  I'd like to try my hand at pickling ginger.  I had some pickled ginger from a fantastic new local place that serves a mix of Japanese and Korean food and it was quite good (excellent non-raw sushi, the best tempura prawns and spring rolls I have ever eaten, and very tasty octopus balls) and it clears the sinuses right out (though not as much as the wasabi does).  I figure if I have a jar of pickled ginger in the fridge than I can take a slice or two out as I need it when my nose gets stuffy, which is every morning, really.

I'd like to make up a batch of sauerkraut, too.  I never liked the kind my mother made when I was a kid, because she boiled it and canned it.  I'd be making mine using the fermenting method so it will never be cooked.  I love cabbage, so I think it is really the way she made it that turned me off it.  And if I don't like it, I'm still only out the cost of one cabbage.  Cabbages, at least, are still fairly cheap compared to other produce.

I think I will go to bed early tonight.  DD's doctor had to reschedule her telemed earlier this week due to an adverse reaction to the third Covid booster shot and it is very early in the morning, which sucks.  There is a reason we make afternoon appointments.

I hope everyone is doing well.  There hasn't been a lot of posting in the blogs.


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