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Updates on DD and BIL

April 17th, 2021 at 02:34 am

Well, DD did not get her lumbar puncture because the person who was going to perform it chickened out and decided she had too many problems for him to feel comfortable doing the lumbar puncture.  Even though we stated every possible medical issue she had at the time of scheduling the appointment and were assured that it would be no problem.  I double checked the day before because we have had issues in the past with this hospital.  Again we were assured everything was fine.  But when we actually get there they decide nope, too risky.  They wasted our time, made us get her cleared medically by a doctor the week before (an expense), made her got a covid test (another expense), delayed a necessary medical procedure, and thus treatment, and flat out ticked me off.  If they try to charge us even one cent for this I am going to raise holy heck.

Her doctor was angrier than I was about this.  He said what they did to her was unprofessional and discriminatory and he tore someone a new one.  He also had double checked about all her medical issues ahead of time.  So we have a referral in to Virginia Mason and it will be at least a week before we hear from them and then who knows when we can get the appointment scheduled.  I hate our local hospital.  Hate them.  Except the ER staff.  Virginia Mason has never been anything but a pleasant, caring experience.  Hopefully the pressure on her eyes does not make her go temporarily blind in the meanwhile.  It's already causing tunnel vision.  It's not permanent, but...

Deep breaths.  Anyhow, the news on BIL is very good.  While he is still weak he is laughing and talking and eating and well on his way to recovery.  He will still be in the hospital quite a while yet.  Sister won't be able to see him for 8 more days.  I'm not sure if that is because she is still under quarantine herself, or if it is because he hasn't tested negative yet.  I am thinking the latter because I think her quarantine is almost up.  It's pretty hard for her because she is not used to being away from him.  But they can communicate over computer now with video calls so that is an improvement.

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