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More Freezers Inventoried and Canning Plans

July 31st, 2020 at 09:48 am

My son and I went through and inventoried the mini chest freezer, the spare fridge freezer, and the two shelves I have in Mom's freezer. So that is four freezer's down and just the main fridge freezer to go. We did not have to throw away too much, a few old homemade freezer meals made with gluten pasta. I might have saved them for DH since he still eats wheat, but they were from June of 2019, so I didn't. We filled up a plastic grocery bag full of freezer burned stuff.

I added everything to my spreadsheet and will make another meal plan for two weeks based off of it tomorrow. I think I can go another month without buying any meat except meat for canning. I really want to do up some chuck roast and some chicken. Having canned beef makes it so easy to make beef stew in the fall and winter. You just open a jar of beef, make gravy from the beef juice and fat, add a jar of carrots, a jar of potatoes, and a jar of parsnips. Then heat it for twenty minutes to let the flavors meld. It beats a couple hours of stewing for a fast and easy meal.

I also want to do chicken because that way I can have it on hand to make taquitos, enchiladas, and chicken alfredo. It shreds really easily right out of the jar and it just takes that extra step away of cooking the chicken since it is already done and waiting for you. Chicken is really easy since you can just put boneless skinless thighs or breasts into the jar without cutting them up. Chuck roast has to be cubed. But either way, the difference it makes on those nights when I am wiped out from my RA and FM symptoms is between a home cooked meal and takeout.

I would like to get the meat canned now because I am getting blossoms on the green beans and want to get it out of the way so that as the heavy load hits from the garden I can keep up with it. I need to make my pickles tomorrow, though. I have enough for a half gallon jar of refrigerator garlic dill pickles, maybe more with what I pick tomorrow. I wish I had an old-fashioned crock, but the jar will probably fit much better than the crock anyway.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    What a great job of inventorying stuff! Having all that stuff canned, does make things easier when you want to make things like stew. The year we had so many onions, I chopped and canned them and boy, that was nice when I wanted to make soups and stews. I just canned them in small jars and so convenient! Same thing with red peppers -- I roasted them before canning them and adding them to soups and stews sure made it easier!

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