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Busy Weekend Cleaning and Preserving Food

September 2nd, 2019 at 11:10 pm

Friday was DH's 50th birthday. He didn't want a bunch of hoopla so we just had a quiet celebration at home. Saturday was spent canning tomatoes and Sunday was spent cleaning out our bedroom and closet. We had so many boxes in the closet and along one wall of the bedroom that it was a hazard for me to try to get into the closet or open the curtains.

We went through so many boxes. We ended up with 10 garbage bags worth of clothes and old but good condition sheet sets for a bed size we don't even have anymore for Goodwill. We also donated some top sheets that were in great shape, but the bottom sheets had to be thrown out.

We donated a couple of our ugly blankets that we were given by other people that don't fit any color scheme in the house and never did, but we used them until we could find the colors we liked. There was also a nice set of two throw blankets that we were given for our wedding that I donated. They were a dark blue and white plaid and we used them for years, but they just don't fit our needs or color tastes and we aren't even in touch with the people who gave them to us.

We also shredded or recycled 8 grocery bags full of paper. I thought we had shredded all the old papers, but there were a couple of boxes of documents we didn't need anymore. I did find the old copy of Mom's will that sorely needs to be updated since most of those assets don't exist anymore, having been used up on Dad's care before he died. We'll need to get a new shredder soon. We have two semi-functional ones, although the one makes a horrible noise and the other is rapidly becoming non-functional. They are both really old, though.

But now I can walk over to the window without tripping on anything and open the curtains and blinds myself and close them, which sounds like such a small thing, but when you are disabled, having a clear pathway is huge. I can also go into my closet now and everything is hung up and the floor is clear.

There is still more to be done. I need to vacuum the floor and scrub the windows and there are a few smaller boxes to go through, but they are up out of the way on the closet shelves now. DH fixed a broken wall attachment for one of the dowels we hang clothes on so that rod is usable now, too.

Today was spent snapping green beans and canning them. Mom helped a lot today and I am very grateful for it. I shouldn't have to can tomatoes again for a couple of days and no green beans probably for a week. I do have to take down my dried oregano and parsley, take all the leaves off the stems, and put them in storage jars, and it is probably time to dehydrate another batch of basil as well.

I am hoping that boneless skinless chicken thighs and chuck roast go on sale soon. I need to do up some canned chicken and beef. I also need to start working on canning potatoes. It is my least favorite thing to do because of all the peeling and chopping, but I do have my little potato peeler, so I'll be using that. It is worth it in the winter time to not have to peel and chop every time I want to use potatoes.

I am thinking about not doing a garden next year as I have been so tired the last few years. But probably when spring comes I will change my mind as I always do. The food is always worth it, but sometimes I really struggle to keep up with the garden work. There is so much local food available here and I can buy one batch's worth at a time to can instead of having a glut or only two jars worth at a time.

I'll seriously have to think on it. I have to make pickles tomorrow. They will be fermented though, so far less work than canning.

1 Responses to “Busy Weekend Cleaning and Preserving Food”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, you've done a lot. No wonder you are tired. All that going through stuff and getting rid of things in addition to your garden and canning. I'm sure the place you donated all the linens is thrilled to have them.

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