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I Did Nothing Outside Today

May 23rd, 2019 at 11:51 pm

Well, yesterday I got 4 2 x 6 boards primed and painted, but I did not do anything today. I kept thinking about it, but it was so hot and then by the time it had cooled off, I just didn't want to. Which is a shame, because it is supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday. Maybe I'll see if DH can rearrange some stuff in the garage so that I can get it done tomorrow. He only has to work for five hours tomorrow so will be home early. Then we have the long weekend to finish up.

I am sure there will be some breaks in the rain so we can get the bed put together on Saturday and then on Sunday, when it is sunny again I can start sifting the dirt out of the other bed and filling it.

I think I am going to take two of the garbage cans that we had for duck, chicken, and turkey feed, drill holes in the bottom and use them as giant planters. I might do some more tomatoes in them. We will have extra soil and will need to put it somewhere.

The bed that is so badly overrun with morning glory is only half full, but the dirt will still have to be moved, because the infestation is so bad there, that we will have to poison it and let the ground lay fallow for 4 months. I hate to have to do it, I've used nothing but organic methods for the past twenty-five years, but we have tried every other way so far and nothing has worked. Sometimes you have to compromise when the pernicious plants get too awful, and it seems there is no plant more awful than this, except maybe Himalayan blackberries.

In the fall, we can build the new bed and put down a thick layer of cardboard (probably 3 layers) as a barrier against the poison ground. Then a garbage can's worth of pine shavings (we don't need them anymore because no nesting boxes), which should cover the cardboard with an inch or two, then a foot of the used hay bedding from the rabbit shed, before putting in compost and garden soil. It will take a few years for the cardboard, pine shavings, and hay to break down and by then the soil beneath the bed should have recovered. Meanwhile, it won't get into any food planted there.

If we have any tree branches or chunks of wood off the trees laying around I will throw those in the bottom of the bed, too, as hugelkultur. We did that in most of the beds when we started them years ago. It was interesting to note when we emptied the one bed that the only thing left of that wood was bark from the biggest chunks. All the actual wood had rotted away and become part of the soil. It's a great way to dispose of wood when you trim your trees if you don't have a wood stove in the house as opposed to paying for green recycling at the dump or advertising free firewood. It is $12 per load to green recycle. This way I can compost it without tying up my compost pile for a few years.

Well, that is enough from me tonight.

1 Responses to “I Did Nothing Outside Today”

  1. FIRE and I Says:

    I hadn't realized that morning glory was so difficult to get rid of. I saw some seeds at the garden center the other day, but didn't buy them. Also, those PNW blackberries are EVIL!

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