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Food Holidays

November 23rd, 2018 at 07:37 pm

Well, I've successfully made it 2/3 of the way through the food holiday gamut. I did not indulge in Halloween at all and I had a very balanced plate of food on Thanksgiving (no desserts, my carbs went to stuffing and potatoes, which I'd always rather eat).

However my day to day choices have sucked this year, I'm eating poorly and I'm back on Pepsi (sugar kind, not corn syrup kind), and all my clothes are tight. The store where I usually clothes shop is going out of business soon so I wouldn't even be able to buy new clothes. And I shouldn't. I have plenty of clothes one size down, so I signed up for a $30 Dietbet.

It will hopefully give me motivation to get back on track every day of the week. It starts on the 25th. I wavered a bit on choosing the one I did and one that starts on the 26th. The one I chose has less players and a smaller pot, but that always feels more intimate than being lost in a horde.

Mine's called The End of Year Showdown with Cristinadown100 and is a 4 week Kickstarter. I need to lose 13.5 pounds in that amount of time. I should be able to do that because I'll be getting back off the soda and that is usually ten pounds of retained water right there.

Normally I don't like to do Kickstarters, I like to do the Transformers which last six months, but I don't have that amount of money in my blow money envelope. I always like to prepay the entire six months because then you get one month's discount. So the plan is to do the Kickstarters. leave the money in, and hopefully earn enough to pay for a Transformer.

Thanksgiving was okay this year. MIL bailed the night before, which was disapointing, because I'd bought a ham specifically for her. She decided to spend the evening with her daughter instead, even though they are doing a Thanksgiving for that side on Saturday and SIL will be there. I don't know. It was very hurtful. The kids and DH were not happy.

It's the same kind of favoritism she often shows towards her daughter over her son and her children over ours. I should be used to it by now, but I'm not, because it hurts my family. I am choosing to not make a fuss, though. MIL has been very generous to us financially this year. I guess it is okay if she just wants to throw money at us and not see us. I'm not sure what that means for Christmas, but I'm bracing for a repeat.

I did find MIL a lovely gift for Christmas, though. It is a beautiful blanket with a carousel horse on it. She collects carousel horses and music boxes and it has gotten harder and harder to find her one she doesn't have or that plays something other than the carousel waltz, which she has come to loathe. DS ordered the camera he wants with his Christmas money so that should be here soon. I have purchased part of my own gift which is a queen size electric blanket. The other part of my gift is season 11 of The Big Bang Theory.

DD wants to get an electric blanket like the one I got for me and a really good heating pad. DH is narrowing down what he wants and then he'll order that and Christmas shopping will be done for the year. We don't exchange gifts with my side of the family. We quit years ago. I will likely make some fudge for my mother, though. We are on budget, so I am thrilled. We might even have $50 left.

I don't think I am going to make a turkey with all the trimmings for Christmas this year. Tearing up the bread for the stuffing and doing all the stirring for the gravy did a number on my wrists and I'm not sure I want to repeat that any time soon. Even with DH and DS peeling and chopping the potatoes, it was just too much.

I think things are just going to be very low key. We'll go out and look at lights this year, though. We skipped that the last two years and I miss doing it. Although it'll probably be a few days before Christmas. So many people go away for the holidays that you can miss some really good displays if you wait until the day of or the night before. I just want to keep it all simple. I'm tired of putting out effort, to be honest.

4 Responses to “Food Holidays”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Good luck on your healthier lifestyle! I think your choice to target Pepsi first is a good one. There's NOTHiNG healthy about a soft drink. The only exception I can think of is a real ginger ale if you were nauseated. If you need the caffeine boost at first, you might need to replace the Pepsi with a little coffee or green tea. At least they do have some health benefits.

  2. Carol Says:

    I think keeping it simple sounds lovely. I forgot about making a trip out to see the lights -- that's always fun. A family near us decorate their whole yard with a scene of huge straw animals-- this year it is horses and dogs, fox hunting. I need to take a picture. Usually they change over to a nativity scene-- again all of straw! ( not simple for them, but simple for me to marvel at.)

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Good luck on your DB! Getting rid of Soda is a great choice. I have been soda free for a bit over 2 years now, and rarely miss it. Now, if I could go added sugar free (for longer than a few days to a few weeks when I'm lucky) … then I might actually manage to do something about my weight.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry you have made some hard food choices. It is easy to slip back into the comfort foods, isn't it? Hopefully you can help yourself and hope the Dietbet helps you. I struggle with this sort of thing myself so I know your frustration.

    I think simple is good. I think Charles Schultz was so right when he had Peanuts' characters talk about the commercialism in Christmas and it has gotten worse. Between the ads and the movies and shows that make it look like you have to have a huge family gathering and everyone is happy and there's decorations galore as well as huge meal or else it isn't the best Christmas ever. Yeah, right. Just like in the movies and shows where it is magical when it starts to snow. No one shows the after effects of snow and the pain in the butt it is to shovel it! Smile

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