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Grocery Ad Lull, Endocrinologist, and Wal*Mart Trip

July 25th, 2018 at 01:40 am

Well, this is the second week in a row where I have gone through the grocery ads in preparation for my Friday shopping and only found one thing that was worth buying. Last week was a milk sale and this week is a beef roast sale. Since I am not sure when we will get down to the farm to buy more beef, I will probably stop into Safeway for the meat deal and for the organic milk, lettuce (mine has bolted), and radishes, but the rest of my shopping will be at Winco. The other stores are just so high priced when there is not a good sale going on.

Things went well at the endocrine doctor. He has ordered more specific blood tests, checking individual hormone levels. The took 5 of the large vials of blood. DD was a little woozy afterwards, as she hadn't eaten in case they needed fasting bloodwork, so I got her some onion rings from the last of my blow money. I get more on Friday, though, so that is okay.

We stopped at Wal*Mart as well and I got two packages of white wash cloths. They had product shrinkage though. Used to be those were 12 packs. Now they are 9 packs. It has gotten so hot here that we all need to wipe down during the day at least twice. It's too expensive to keep hopping in the shower every couple of hours! So having a big stack of wash cloths will be very helpful for quick, icy cold sweat relief. I had 12 white ones that were just for me, but I use those on my face morning and evening and the others kept stealing them even though they have their own color codes ones. Now maybe I can keep up.

I also bought a couple of cheap notebooks for budgeting and meal planning since the back to school sales have started. I'll probably get a few more in the coming weeks, but two was sufficient for now. It took me forever to find college ruled, but I did. I also got an accordian file for my daughter to keep her medical records in and a dry eraser for the white board. I also got DD some gum. I spent $20.83 out of the household envelope.

I really should have picked up tissues while we were there, but I totally forgot we needed them by the time we got there. So they will be on Friday's shopping list. I'll probably just stop into Kmart, though, because it is closer. Wal*Mart is a ways out, but it is near the endocrine doctor. I don't like making special trips just to go there.

I don't want to make dinner. It is so hot. But I really don't want sandwiches two nights in a row, either. Maybe I will make fajitas in the Instant Pot. Then at least I won't be heating up the house further. Man, I wish we had A/C.

I had to go change the ducks' water around four today as it had gotten so hot they couldn't drink it. I moved it further into the shade and they were so happy to get cold water. They all splashed around in it and then I filled them again and they drank it. Then they all waddled off in their little line to hide out under the raspberries where it is cooler.

I feel bad for the rabbits with their fur coats, but they all have an individual fan attached to the front of their cages and they are hanging out directly in front of them and seem to be doing fine. I'll have to watch them closely if we crack the next temperature decade. Or whatever you call groupings of ten when it is temperature.

3 Responses to “Grocery Ad Lull, Endocrinologist, and Wal*Mart Trip”

  1. mumof2 Says:

    Hi Robyn

    I have started back meal planning and one thing I did was print out a month by month empty calender and put in a display folder and then leave in the kitchen (I fill out every 3 months) and then if I'm not well (and I haven't been this year) everyone can still write out a grocery list and get out the next night dinner so we are still organised and it doesn't really cost anything but the printing of the calender...just an idea that works for us...I love meal planning its something the family does together.

    Living in Australia it can get quite hot as well so we use rice socks put in the just take out and put around your neck and it cools you right down...we have quite a few going in summer. also if you add some ice to the animals water that can help as well....I don't know how you do it with no aircons. Stay cool

  2. Shawn Says:

    Robyn, is there anyway you can be reached via email? I'm not able to find any contact information on this blog, but would love your input on a project of mine.

    Let me know how I can ping you; alternately, you're free to reach out to me at shawn.a.holmes 'at'

    Hope to hear from you!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I understand your struggle with the stuff on sale at the grocery stores. So much of it isn't stuff we buy.

    Glad the doctor's appointment went well.

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