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Meal Planning for the Week

June 2nd, 2018 at 07:01 pm

Here are my menus for dinner starting tonight. I don't necessarily make these in the order I've listed. While I like having a plan in place for the week because it allows me to stick to the grocery budget, I don't particularly like being tied down every single night of the week, so I just check off whichever meal I make and then the next day choose from the list. Sometimes I go in order and sometimes I don't.

It gives me a little more freedom if I don't feel like making something more intensive that night and want to make an easier one off the list, without completely flying by the seat of my pants. I also have a couple of back up meals I can always rotate in if I don't feel good for ease of making by someone else. One is pancakes and ham and the other is tacos, though tacos are super easy even when I don't feel well if I make them in the electric pressure cooker. No baby-sitting after the initial browning stage.

Day One:
Homemade chili using all freeze dried foods (has veggies in it, shredded cheese on top)
Baked Potatoes

Day Two:
Brined apricot rabbit legs
Fried potatoes
Green beans

Day Three:
Fried chicken
Mashed potatoes and gravy

Day Four:
Chicken Stir-fry (lots of veggies)

Day Five:
Homemade pizza with turkey ham, pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, and onions
Salad (from the garden)

Day Six:
Beef stew (potatoes, carrots, celery, onions)
Salad (from the garden)

Day Seven:
Spaghetti with Meatballs
Garlic Bread

1 Responses to “Meal Planning for the Week”

  1. Amber Says:

    I like the idea of not assigning the meal 🥘 to a particular day.

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