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Organizing and Getting Rid of Things

April 1st, 2017 at 07:13 pm

I've been spending a lot of time organizing today. I got all the medical receipts and statements with payment info on them entered into the January, February, and March budget spreadsheets, and then recorded all of the other expenses for the past three months. I usually do it as I go along, but I've been kind of lazy about it and allowed it all to pile up. After that, I got them all filed. Then I shredded anything I didn't need to keep.

It took a couple of hours, but at least I am caught up on current paperwork. I do have some stuff from last year I need to sort and file and then hopefully tomorrow I can start making a dent in one of the older boxes of paperwork. I think I still have three left to go through.

At least none of that has to be entered into the computer, it just needs to be sorted on whether it is a keep or a not keep, then sorted by year, then filed. I know there will be quite a bit that is just shredded as well. One of these days I will run out and be able to stay on top of things better. Each time I purge I get closer to that goal.

I have to get through the boxes before we can bring one of the bookcases in to the bedroom, since they are piled in the corner the bookcase will go into. I used to be such a packrat, but it feels really good to let go of all this stuff.

Once what is in the house is finished and in order, than we can start tackling the big storage unit. Whether we donate or get ready for a garage sale, I don't care. We need to get it down to one unit so we can lower our expenses. And if we can get it down to a smaller unit as well, that will drop the price significantly. We have lived without all of that stuff for so long now, I can't think that much of it is needed.

The books, the photos, of course, I want, but there is so much else that is in there. Excess kitchen stuff, though I do want my pasta maker and Tupperware and knives and the fancy silverware. There is a lot, though, that I know we just packed up to get it out of the house when we put it up for sale. I know there are tons of kids toys that they really cared about when we moved, but could care less about now at 17 and 20. I am sure there are all kinds of clothes, too, and children's bedding for toddler beds and cribs.

I think I'm just done with "stuff" in a way I never was before. It was hard to let go at one point, but it is so not needed or missed. Even some of the books could probably go.

I think it is infectious because my daughter and my husband seem to be going through a similar decluttering phase. My son doesn't have a ton of stuff in his room anymore, so he doesn't need to be hit by the bug. My daughter definitely did. She got 3 bags of old clothes out of her room.

There were a few shirts and sweatshirts my son took, since they were from my daughter's boy clothes phase. There were a couple of items that were mine and had been missing a while. And then a few other items that were too small for her, but that I can wear. I still have to try on two of the summer dresses to see if they fit, but if they do I will be happy because the sundresses I bought last summer are kind of baggy now.

I am losing weight well again now, so if I can wear a couple of these things and not have to buy new for a while until I lose more, that is helpful. DD is losing weight, but it is a bigger struggle for her and goes much slower. Maybe if she gets on the medication for whatever autoimmune disease it turns out she has, she will then have the energy to exercise and it won't be so painful on her joints when she does. It drops off her when she exercises daily.

Well, I guess I better get back to work now.

4 Responses to “Organizing and Getting Rid of Things”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    It's really amazing how little we really need to live our lives. And I agree with you that it feels really good. I feel most people are unaware how much excess stuff takes up time and energy either physically or mentally. I think you are probably right that much of what you have stored and not used for years can go.

  2. Dido Says:

    Good for you!! This is something I need to get going on as well. I think once we hit warmer temps (getting closer today) plus I take a long weekend, I'll make progress on my own decluttering. In the meantime, it is useful to me to see your progress as inspiration! Congrats!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I need to do a declutter of my clothes again I think.

    Good job on the weight loss!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    I'm impressed! Keep up the good work with the decluttering. My current goal is to go through all my cookbooks. I have gone through three and as depressing as this next part is, I decided to write down any recipe I wanted to keep and I wound up with one lousy recipe! Makes me angry I've kept these stupid cookbooks for nothing. So, I'm going to keep going through more of them. I'm doing this in the evenings, but most evenings I knit on the loom for hats. I have set a goal of how many hats I want to make before our next meeting at church so I met the goal last night so I can resume looking tonight. Keep up the good work!

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