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Some Frugalish Things

November 10th, 2013 at 10:17 pm

So my mom's handyman's wife does alterations and I got her to replace the zipper on my jacket. It cost $20. I thought it was a great deal, because it included the zipper, which was 27 inches long. And it's a better zipper than the original. My five-year-old jacket now has many more years of life left in it. I just need to be careful when I am holding the young rabbits. They are what chewed through the zipper in the first place. And then the tab fell off.

I could have gone through the rigamarole of shipping it back to Land's End and making them replace the jacket, but I kind of felt like a rabbit chewing through the zipper wasn't a failure on their part. Plus they would have just pulled the, "Well, it's not exactly the same as the newly designed squall jackets, so it doesn't count as something we will replace for free." I figured it would be more likely I'd be out the shipping for sending it back and then have to pay for them to send it back to me when they denied it, so was a better deal just to have it fixed.

She did a great job. I can't even tell it is an aftermarket change. $20 is a good deal for me, especially since that jacket now costs $139. It was like $75 or something when I first got it. There might have been a coupon involved.

I also sewed up a hole in my sweatpants seam.

My daughter needed a new bag for school. Her backpack basically fell apart on Friday. So we found one on clearance for $15, originally $30 at Kmart. They also had canning jars for $10, so I picked up a case of quart jars. I wanted to buy a couple of pairs of sweat pants, but they didn't have any women's. They had men's, teen's, boy's, and girl's, but all they had in women's was light weight knit pants. Yeah, cause that is what I want to wear on these 40 degree F mornings.

After that we walked over to the Good Will next door and purchased some of those bowls with handles that I think were originally used for those really big fancy coffees, but we use them as soup bowls or for really big cups of tea.

I looked at both places for a 12 quart stockpot because I would like a second one, but Good Will did not have more than an 8 quart stockpot and the only one they had at Kmart was an ugly, light blue, mottled ceramic one by Paula Deen. Right size, but not in my kitchen. I prefer stainless steel anyway. I may have to put it on my Christmas list for the in-laws.

I can muddle through with one for a while longer, it would just be nice to have two pots of stock going at once so I can pressure can the results all at once instead of in batches. I mean the big canner can do 14 quarts of stock at once, so I'd like to take advantage of that and save the time. Actually, come to think of it, I could do my second batch of stock in the smaller canner. It's got the capacity to cook 12 quarts of stock, even if it can only can 9.

I think I will have to order my sweats from a catalogue. And maybe some warmer PJ's while I'm at it. Do they make king size flannel sheets? I can never find them.

6 Responses to “Some Frugalish Things”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm sure you are right that $20 was worth it for the repair on your jacket. Yes, they make King flannel...my parents have a set on their bed. Don't know where they were purchased most likely a department store.

  2. snafu Says:

    Sorry, Off topic but you might find another viewpoint of interest. Feel free to blow it off since you disagree

    Land's End apparel is worth cost of repairs. Jansport backpacks likewise guarantee their products. Since DD will go to college and likely university, you might watch for that brand at Goodwill or similar outlets.

  3. looking forward Says:

    LL Bean has nice quality flannel sheets. I'm sure they have king size.

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    LF--They do. I just bought some going in through Swagbucks, so 4 points per dollar spent.

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    Snafu--I've heard all the arguments. Once we buy a new house and apply for a mortgage I won't care anymore, but until then I am keeping the monitoring on. It is worth the $15 a month to me for peace of mind.

  6. Robyn Says:

    Always smart to be frugal when we can! I think the $20 was well worth it. Now you can continue to wear a favorite jacket of yours. Smile

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