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Trying to Beat the Heat

July 3rd, 2013 at 09:37 am

I received a $5 gift card from Swagbucks for Amazon yesterday and will have enough points by the end of the day to send for another one. I have a book on hold at the library so we will be going downtown today. I want to get a few toys to put in the rabbit tractors and look for some more glass water bottles. They really prefer them to the plastic ones.

It's been blazing hot the last few days and most of my attention has gone to making sure that the animals, particularly the rabbits, stayed cool enough. I am happy to report that all nine of the newborn kits have survived the heat wave and it's starting to cool down.

We've been eating a lot of cold meats and vegetables and fruits here lately. Cooking isn't something anyone wants to do because it heats the house up. I've been soaking my head with cool water and that helps quite a bit since I have so much hair. We don't have air-conditioning in this house. I've been using fans and icepacks and one day I even grabbed a bra straight from the washing machine (I wash on cold) and that kept me cool for a couple hours until it dried. That was on the day it was 90.

I'll be using the crockpot a lot this week to help keep the house cool. I'm keeping the blinds and curtains shut during the day, and having them wide open in the evening with fans in them, to cool off the house. Fans go all night and I wake up with a cool house that stays that way for a while. I'm putting ice in all of my drinks (which is usually just water), and making cold meat salads for lunches.

What do you all do to beat the heat? Especially if you don't have air conditioning.

12 Responses to “Trying to Beat the Heat”

  1. Kiki Says:

    I have AC but try not to use it because of the expense. I also live in a north facing apartment with foot thick walls that gets no direct sunlight. It stays pretty cool usually and with the two ceiling fans (one in the living room they provide and one in the bedroom I bought they installed) keeps it livable. Most summers I only use it for about 10 days.

    But during the past week of 105+ temps my apartment was about 82 when I walked in after work. Turning on the ceiling fans helped if I was sitting directly under them. I was trying to not turn the AC on until the flex alerts passed, so we wouldn't experience any problems. Around 8 each night I turned it on to cool things off before I went to bed. I hate sleeping in warm rooms and I sleep with the bedroom fan on all night.

    Great idea about the wet laundry!

  2. Maranatha Says:

    We have air conditioning too. It's much too hot in this part of Texas to go without it. I'm glad you are finding ways to stay cool!

  3. Miz Pat Says:

    I live in the California Desert (60 feet below sea level). Last Saturday it hit 125 degrees.

    I have an a/c and that day I turned it on. I have invested in insulation on the house over the past few years, and this is a great help. But the real savior is the evaporative cooler, or Swamp Cooler. If the air is not humid in your area, the swamp will cool your home in up to 110 degree weather. It costs 8 cents per air conditioning dollar to run and I adore it because it makes the air feel fresh as opposed to an air conditioner, (as well as saving moola).

    Right now the a/c is on and I'm going to try to teach my nephew how to use the swamp so he knows when to turn it off and turn the a/c on. In the desert, the best time to turn the swamp off on really hot days is at 2:00 p.m. and then back on in the evening. Of course, you turn on the A/C at 2:00 and then off when the swamp goes back on.

    In august, the humidity is horrible, so that's the month of all a/c cooling.

    Other thoughts:

    I take an evening shower for extra cooling, iced drinks, lots of fans (but keep them on only when you are in the room), and frozen grapes as light snacks.

    I bake things in a toaster oven in the garage or use a crockpot or cook in the morning before its hot.

    I walk the dogs as late as I can (it was 100 degrees last night) and good exercise for all of us without being hard on doggie paws.

    If it is hot when i get home, I change into shorts and work out on my bike for a bit while the a/c starts in (and again costs less because the house rarely goes over 95 with the swamp cooler).

    I think I'll spend more on a/c this year because the nephew is home but hopefully he will get part time work and that will mean less a/c when he is gone.

  4. litllegopher Says:

    No a/c here, and temps can go the extremes for us. Most houses here have central air or portable a/c units. We do own units for the raging humid, heat waves (not this year so far for us, we had ours relentlessly last year though!)

    We keep blinds/curtains closed during the day, windows are generally open to catch breezes (make use of cross-ventilation too.) We can often go until about 4 in the afternoon before really needing a fan on, and then only in the rooms we're in.

    We eat lots of cold meals, but if we need to, I try to think ahead and cook earlier in the morning before it gets too hot, and reheat in the microwave. Even the crockpot warms the kitchen too much (though thinking on it, I should explore cooking through the night and then heating it up in the micro.) Though cold meals just sound better in the heat!

    We also have a/c in the van, so we'll consolidate errands for the hottest day of the week, if possible, to make use of that pure luxury! We'll also go to the a/c'ed library or go to the beach at the hottest parts of the day - the beach is a daily activity here. Floating around on a tube or paddling on our kayaks out on one of our many lakes helps to make one forget those humid 90s and 100s (and goes long way in helping us through those below zero temps, with even further below zero windchills, in the winter Smile )

    Disclosure - I work for the local school district, so I do have the summers off and have the opportunity to do what we do here.

  5. PatientSaver Says:

    It's extremely uncomfortable here with very high humidity. No end in sight that I can see. I have one small window ac which is really insufficient since i have 2 floors. I just resisted getting a second one becus the one i have is so heavy and i hate having to haul it around.

    Waiting impatiently for my sun room bamboo blinds. I think that will help a bit.

  6. nhgirl1970 Says:

    It's getting hot here in New England too. Not over 100 but in the 90's and humid. I am doing my best not to use the air. Hang in there!

  7. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    The ice skate rink is open almost every day - even in the summer. For $7.50 you can hang out for hours!!

  8. baselle Says:

    I do have an a/c unit, but I'm cheap, on a top floor and face SW while the bedroom faces W. Ick. Plus with the 2 hot flashes/night it was miserable. So I did what everybody else did - curtains drawn during the day, windows open. I broke down and ran the a/c low for a couple of hours (time I got home to sunset), then at sunset opened all windows to get the cross breeze. Kitty (all black) basically hung out in the dark, dark dark walk in closet during the day.

    I tried putting a lightweight blanket in the freezer - it felt great for about 5 minutes. What really worked was double ziploc bagging 8 ice cubes then pressing them against my neck, forehead, wrists while I was getting to sleep.

    Oh yes, and a big batch of homemade gazpacho with a couple of ice cubes in it to thin it and keep it extra cold.

  9. Buendia Says:

    We also have ceiling fans (no AC). We don't have humidity issues, so using water to evaporatively cool down is a good idea here. I use a spray bottle with water and spray out sheets and pillows before we go to bed. I also made curtains for the two rooms which face west out of this insulated curtain panel stuff that I got at JoAnn Fabric. I put it behind our nicer looking white curtains. I actually keep them up in winter because they keep the cold out, too.

  10. PatientSaver Says:

    I put ice cubes in the cats' water dish, and when I leave for work, rather than leave canned food out to sit all day until they get their appetite, I make a point to open a can of cat food, put it on a dish and then put it in the freezer the night before. Right before i leave for work, i put the frozen food out. By the time it dethaws, they're ready for lunch and don't have to starve til i get home late. Plus the food will keep and not go bad sitting out.

    the only bad thing about doing this in summer is that i do get those little sugar ants and while sprinkling borax outside seems to help, i haven't been able to do it lately becus it's been raining every day here like a tropical jungle and the rain washes it away.

  11. rob62521 Says:

    We are blessed with a/c. But we run fans, and if we leave the house, turn up the a/c so it doesn't run as much. I try to use the oven less or use a toaster oven or the Crockpot.

  12. LuckyRobin Says:

    Today I put a big bowl of ice water in front of my biggest fan. It sure made a huge difference in how much cooler the big room felt.

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