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Found More Coins and Menu Planning (Today and Tomorrow)

April 5th, 2011 at 09:06 pm

I was cleaning out my dresser tonight as I have two drawers in it that I've been using as a temporary filing cabinet until I got around to actually filing or shredding some papers and when I got to the bottom of one, I found a stash of loose change. It was mostly pennies, but it amounted to $1.82 so I tossed that in the coin jar (after rolling up 2 rolls of pennies). I had totally forgot it was there, but once I saw it I had a perfect memory of scraping a bunch of change into a drawer before we moved here from the old house, so it's just been sitting in there since January of 2010.

Since DS wants to go to "his" CU tomorrow to deposit his allowance (he's saving up for a Nintendo 3DS), I figured I may as well make a deposit myself into the laptop fund since it's in the same CU. With the two rolls of pennies, a 50 cent piece, and all the ones I have in the coin jar, it will come to $12.50.

Not too bad. Sometimes I feel a little silly for making such little deposits, but then I remind myself that little deposits add up and if I end up paying for my laptop with pennies and ones than so be it. I've been managing to scrape up about $100 a month doing this, rebating, and adding what is leftover in my purse each week. At least it will be paid for with no interest due.

Here is today's menu planning which I tried to post last night, but the internet ate it:

pancakes (.50)
eggs (free from chickens)
homemade brown sugar syrup (.20)
Milk (1.50)
Total $2.20

Leftover spaghetti (free)
Fruit smoothies ($2)
Total $2

Homemade pizza
--dough (.50)
--leftover homemade spaghetti sauce
--pepperoni ($2)
--Canadian bacon ($2)
--mozarella cheese ($2)
Milk (1.50)
Total $8

Total for day: $12.20


Blueberry muffins (.50)
Bacon ($2)
Milk ($1.50)
Total $4

Leftover pizza (free)
oranges ($1.50)
Total $1.50

Beef pot roast ($9.89)
Broccoli ($1)
Cauliflower ($1)
Can of corn ($1)
Milk ($1.50)
Total $14.39

Total for day: $19.89

There will be leftover pot roast and possibly leftover broccoli and cauliflower as well for another meal, so even though Wednesday's food is higher in price it will reduce the price of one of Thursday's meals.

4 Responses to “Found More Coins and Menu Planning (Today and Tomorrow)”

  1. baselle Says:

    Now if only the bank felt as silly about their own crappy interest rates. $12.50 saved is $12.50 cents saved. Big Grin

  2. LivingDebtFree Says:

    Saving any change was one of my strategies to getting out of debt. Any change I could find would be saved, rolled and deposited in the checking account to be applied to the debt snowball.

    Now I save the change and it goes toward buying a different vehicle for DH.

    Those little amounts DO add up!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    If only more people thought like the rest of us about small amounts of cash. They really do add up!!

  4. Ima saver Says:

    I use to feel silly about depositing small amounts when I was younger. Then, when I worked for a savings and loan, I was thrilled when someone would come in with a small deposit. They do add up, as I have noticed in my $20 challenge.

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