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Cleaning, Coin Jar, and the Chicken Coop

March 10th, 2010 at 10:59 pm

It's been a busy last few days. My husband and I spent a lot of time out at the house over the weekend packing, cleaning, and sorting. At least it's now starting to look like we're making a dent. I solemnly swear that I will never have so much stuff again in my life.

Downsizing is a very good thing. Stuff I cared about 10 to 20 years ago when I bought it, I pretty much don't give a hoot for now. Since a lot of it was bought on credit, that really makes me stop and think when I get it into my head that I want something new now. I ask myself will I care about this in a year, five years, ten years?

Really, the only things I want to keep anymore of my own stuff are books, DVDs and VHS tapes of movies, photographs, two boxes of old notebooks filled with fiction and poetry I wrote as a kid and young adult (and only until I can type it up and store it on a flash drive or two), my geology notes from college, my wedding dress, jewelry, my laptop, my DW action figures (yes, I'm a dork) and clothes (about half my current wardrobe). Which boils down to about a tenth of my stuff.

We've certainly downsized the kids' stuff. And just plain thrown out probably a full rubbish bin of happy meal toys. Geesh, that makes me sick thinking of how much we've spent on happy meals since our oldest daughter was old enough to start eating them. They've outgrown them now, and we rarely go there anymore, but when you look at all the evidence left over of going there from the past, yikes.

We also celebrated my son's tenth birthday with a meal out at Olive Garden. It's one of the few places he can eat and not have a bad reaction to what's put in the food. His real birthday isn't until the 13th, but since his dad left for Alaska yesterday we celebarted early. We spent $61.23 including the tip.

I found all kinds of coins when we were cleaning at the house. They were everywhere. On the bookcase outside the spare room, on the piano, on an old TV stand. I still can't believe there is that much change just laying around out there, and I still haven't remembered to nab the actual coin jar with change in it and bring it home. Between what I found and the six ones and change in my wallet I came up with $9.71. I did actually find a Canadian dime as well, but that's going in with the rest of the Canadian money kicking around for when we go back to Victoria again.

$50.57 beginning balance
+ 9.71 added amount
$60.28 ending balance

Once I remember to grab the coin jar from home which also has the coin wrappers in it, I'm going to roll up the change and make my first coin jar deposit of the year to the safety net account. Slowly but surely that is growing.

The new chicken coop is coming along nicely. The base and floor have been built and they are starting on the walls today. I still can't believe Mom actually is going to do this, but she is. It's not exactly something I would take on at 70. Heck, it's not even sometihng I would take on now at 40.

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  1. campfrugal Says:

    It does feel good to clean things out and downsize. I did that about 12 years ago before I moved into the home I am in now. I am now again, spring cleaning, and finding some items that I can live without, so I listed them on e-bay and craigslist and am making some money.

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