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What My Family Wants

October 23rd, 2008 at 10:17 pm

This is what my family wants for Christmas. They want to get a Wii. Now I am not intrinsically opposed to getting this gaming system, I just kinda think with the fact that we've got the NES, the Super NES, the original Sega, the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo Game Cube, plus various handheld games that the kids have gotten used over the years, why do we really need another gaming system?

But they all really want it and they all really wanted it last year, too, when it was new. There are used ones available. I won't buy one new, that's for sure. But really, why is this next generation so much better than the last? I don't get it. And won't they just put out some new system next year?

I told DH that the first thing we ought to do if he wants it that badly is to start calling pawn shops. The way people have been hit so badly in the wallet this year, it stands to reason that there are some overconsumers that had to pawn one of these babies. Last time he looked he found a purple game cube for $30 there, but I said we did not need a second one. Our main city has an inordinate amount (to me) of pawn shops, so if we can find one there, then I think I can definitely go for it.

DH is trying to tempt me with the idea of getting the Wii Fit. Well, it does look tempting, but I don't want to pay full price for it, either. I don't play video games myself. I used to, oh, back with Super NES but when it went 3-D with the 64 it made me dizzy and I quit. But using it as a work out system, I might be tempted back.

Christmas was going to be pretty tame this year since we are going to Disneyland end of February. We were planning on used video games from the used game stores and used books from the second hand bookstore for the kids. They aren't terribly picky as long as they get to play or read stuff they like. I'm kind of annoyed that DH is going back on that, when we said Disney meant a tamer Christmas. Just because he got a raise since we made that decision.

I don't know. Maybe I just need to loosen up. Or maybe he needs to remember we still have a lot of debt to pay off. I think if we can't find one in a pawn shop, I still don't want to pay $300 for a used one of a website. It won't hurt to wait another year for the used market on these things to drop some more. Well, it won't hurt me anyway. Probably just annoy me when they all whine.

5 Responses to “What My Family Wants”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Well... if it's within your budget for one, a Wii isn't really that bad at all. It really is "a little bit different" and for the better.

    But then, you're talking to a gamer, so....

  2. kdmoffett25 Says:

    I love our Wii! Last night it was raining and Lizard was able to pitch indoors and we all played her. It keeps them from just sitting down and playing. They are active in the game. I saw Wii Fit too... it does look interesting.

  3. reginaastralis Says:

    We love our Wii as well.

    And even though the want it for Christmas, you could always offer to let them trade in some of their current video game systems and go to a place like Game Stop and use the trades to buy a Wii. Just an idea.

    Like you, we pretty much have all of the game systems (my brother would buy his own, and when he left for basics, he left them to my little sister) Most of them still get played, but we always play the Wii. I just want my original Nintendo back.

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    Just be careful with a used Wii. I bought one brand new and it didn't work straight out of the box. Sent it in for repairs and it still didn't work. Try explaining that to the warranty department! I flat out told them that I didn't care if they just fixed it, it still was making an awful clicking noise and it wouldn't play any game discs. Works great after the second try though.
    This did rather sour me on the Wii experience, but we are slowly getting into it now that we have a few games.
    I kinda want the Wii fit as well, but like you I refuse to pay full price for it. I'll find my deal on that eventually, just like all the other accessories and games we have. I paid full price for the system, but got deals on everything else.

  5. Kayla Says:

    i'm trying to get RID of my wii. i work 60-80 hour weeks and go to school so i don't have much time to play it. it's a sweet system though.

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