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Earnings and Savings Hits $900

September 13th, 2006 at 03:22 am

I received my first check from Your2Cents survey company for $11 today. I cashed out back in the first week of August so it took six weeks to get here. ACOP is a lot faster.

So with that $11 and the coin I rolled today of $10.50, plus 2 quarters to even things up, I will deposit $22 to savings bringing the total in there to $907. I will make that deposit tomorrow when I go pick DH up from the airport.

I should be able to cash out a $3 PTR tomorrow night.

Also received the refund from DH's work to pay us back for the safety glasses he bought. I've already paid $100 out of our own money, so with the check I will have $100 left after paying the rest of it off. For now I will put that money in a savings account at a different CU from my main savings until I decide where it will go.

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