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I Googled Myself

August 30th, 2006 at 02:01 pm

Last night I googled myself. Not me, but LuckyRobin, just out of curiosity. Wow. And of course, all of it related to stuff from here or some other blog sites that had cherry picked a couple posts. Never had any kind of presence on the web before. Certainly not with my real name.

I got caught up in an old forum post about ING vs. Emigrant Direct. It took me 5 hours to read the whole thing. So much good information there. Now I have to go read the one about ED vs. HSBC. I am a long way from making any decisions, not without more information.

The money from ReadRevenue showed up in my paypal account today so transferred that to my credit union and with any luck it will show up by Friday so I can add that $3 to my savings account. I was hoping to hit $800 in savings by the end of August, so after tomorrow's automatic deposit will be $7.15 short. So I think I will go on over there and add ten bucks more in since I will be in town anyway.

The closer school gets, the more my kids are fighting, it seems. I only have to get through 6 more days of that. Less, if I can talk Mom into an overnight with them. Here's hoping. I think they just may kill each other before that. I miss my good kids and wonder when they plan on coming back.

Soccer starts next week, too. I've heard from Rose's coach but not Tobias' coach yet. Hopefully, I don't have to spend a lot of time tracking that info down like I did last season. It is a pain in the neck to do. I'm not looking forward to the extra gas spent shlepping to practices but I think the exercise will wear them out and help them sleep better on the new change to school sleep schedule. Because I haven't had much luck trying to adapt them back off the summer schedule even though it is getting dark shortly after 8 right now.

I can't wait for next Tuesday!

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