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12 days and $12

July 31st, 2006 at 04:07 am

So this is my challenge for the next 12 days, which will be our next payday. I have $12 left of non-targeted funds. I don't think it will really be an issue, since I bought plenty of fill in the cracks groceries today at Costco (spent $33) getting a giganto bag of lettuce, kosher beef hotdogs (14 per pack), pack of pepperoni for making pizzas, 2 lbs of deli ham, and 2 jars of peanut butter. Then a quick stop at the IGA to get celery (didn't have any at Costco for the first time in forever) and strawberry and blackberry perserves (spent $10).

I can make bread when we run out. We have plenty of fruit (plums, apples, cherries, raspberries from the garden, strawberries we put up in the freezer, blueberries I picked at Mom's and a canteloupe. I have cucumbers, green beans, cabbage and kohlrabi for veggies from the garden.

So probably the $12 will go for milk. Since the organic milk is the one thing we always get, that should cover 2 gallons, but since we have 2 gallons in the fridge now, I doubt we will need to buy more than one more before that payday.

I still have money set aside for Rose's birthday presents, and a much better idea of what she wants now after running her around Fred Meyer while DH and Tobias went blinkie hunting. Didn't buy anything there except the afore mentioned milk.

Anyway, I am challenging myself not to spend the $12 at all, but to try to get to the end of this period with all of it intact. Then it will go in savings.

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