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Using up the Leftovers

June 22nd, 2006 at 02:10 am

We went out to eat so much this past week that we have a whole lot of leftovers, so I decided that I am not cooking anything new until all the restaurant food is either gone or has gone off.

For breakfast I had one slice of thin crust pizza with Canadian bacon and green peppers. Had to take a rolaid, too or the green peppers kill me. Lunch was half a French dip with au jus and jojos. Dinner was one taco al carbon and half of my son's toasted cheese sandwich with a little Mexican rice. There are still a couple of enchiladas, more rice and some more jojos that will get eaten tomorrow. I also have some veggies to use up before they go off as well, so somewhere along the line there will be a zucchini, a crookneck yellow squash, a cucumber and some lettuce.

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